[koh-ver-sahyn, koh-vur-sahyn]

In trigonometry, the coversine, denoted cvs(x), of an angle is defined as one minus the sine of the angle:

mathrm{cvs},x = 1 - sin x.

It obeys the identity:

textrm{cvs}(theta) = textrm{versin}left(frac{pi}{2} - thetaright).

The derivative of the coversine is the opposite of the cosine

frac{d}{dx}mathrm{cvs},x = -cos{x},

and the integral is

int mathrm{cvs}, x ,dx = x + cos{x} + C.

Very few applications of this function exist, and it is generally only used to provide a co-function for the versine.

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