Court, Antoine

Court, Antoine

Court, Antoine, 1696-1760, French Protestant preacher, called the Restorer of Protestantism in France. He was successful in reorganizing the remnants of the persecuted Calvinists in France. With a price on his head, he escaped to Lausanne in 1730, where he spent the remainder of his life directing the theological seminary that he founded.
Court is an English word known since 1175, from Old French curt, from Latin cohors ("enclosed yard," and by extension, perhaps associated with curia "sovereign's assembly", those assembled in the yard; company, cohort, from com- "together" + stem hort- related to hortus "garden, plot of ground", which can mean:


  • courtyard or quadrangle, architectural features, with the latter term usually used at colleges or university campuses
  • Royal or noble court, the retinue and larger household and entourage of a monarch, prince of the church, or a high noble (for example: Court of St. James's)
  • cul-de-sac in American English and Australian English.
  • A defined playing area, with a prepared surface, for a game or sport, usually with solid boundaries (as opposed to a field); major examples include: tennis court, basketball court and volleyball court


  • A court of law.
  • A courtroom, in which a court of law carries out its business.


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