coureurs de bois

coureurs de bois

[koo-rœr duh bwah]
coureurs de bois [Fr.,=woods runners], unlicensed traders during the French regime in Canada. Traders were required to be licensed, but to only a favored few were licenses granted. The coureurs de bois defied regulations and ventured into the Canadian wilderness. Although they stimulated the growth of the fur trade and the exploration of Canada, their defiance caused problems for the government of New France and contributed to poor relations with the Native Americans, to whom they sold liquor. Toward the end of the 17th cent. it was estimated that one third of the able-bodied men of the colony were coureurs de bois, although this may be an exaggeration.

Les Tours de Bois-Maury is a series of graphic novels that begun in 1984 by Belgian comic book creator Hermann.


Set in 11th century Europe, the series concerns the efforts of the wandering noble Sir Aymar de Bois-Maury, knight, to reclaim his ancestral home, Bois-Maury. Less focused on action that the other series of Hermann (like Jeremiah), Les Tours de Bois-Maury deals more with human thoughts and considerations.


To date the series comprises the following albums:

Les Tours de Bois-Maury (originally published by Glenat )

1. Babette
2. Eloise de Montgri
3. Germain
4. Reinhardt
5. Alda
6. Sigurd
7. William
8. Le seldjouki
9. Khaled
10. Olivier
Bois-Maury (originally published by Glenat )
11. Assunta
12. Rodrigo
13. Dulle Griet

All albums have been written and drawn by Hermann, except Rodrigo and Dulle Griet, both written by his son Yves H.

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