Counter Force

[koun-ter-fawrs, -fohrs]

Counter Force (also known as Ex Zeus) is a budget-priced video game developed by Data Design Interactive. Counter Force was originally going to be released on the Sega Dreamcast in 1998, but was cancelled. It was finally released in 2004 but only in Europe for the PS2 and in arcades under the name Ex Zeus. It was later ported to the Wii under the name Counter Force in 2007.


Every day, thousands perish. Those who survive share rumors of an alien entity called 'Diadora'. The survivors took refuge below the earth's surface, narrowly escaping the alien invaders. The governing Council ordered an immediate counterattack.

The primary objective codenamed 'Counter Force' would reclaim the Earth's surface using 3 experimental robots. The secondary objective is to investigate the alien war-machine's weaknesses and defeat the mysterious 'Diadora'.

Three freedom fighters - Sophia, Dynamis and Calista are humanity's last hope for victory!


Counter Force has received mostly "mediocre or negative" reviews. It has not sold very well due to the fact that the game is not very well known.

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