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Pin Drop Violence

Formed in November 2000 in Mumbai , India, Pin Drop Violence is a metal band.

PDV started out as a vision shared by the bassist, Pereira-Man, and vocalist Pradeep. Realizing that they had a common interest in music, they roped in Mithun and Michael on guitars. Later, Niraj joined in as the drummer and PDV was created. They had their first gig opening for the veteran band Naked Earth at Razzberry Rhinoceres (Mumbai). After couple of shows Michael quit due to personal reasons, and has been replaced by Vispy, ex-guitarist of Sceptre.

After several line-up changes, Pin Drop Violence now consists of Pradeep on vocals, Vispy "V.A.S.P." on guitars, Mithun "GriDKiD" on guitars, Rohit "P-man" on bass and Viru "Virus" on drums.


Current members

  • Pradeep - Vocals
  • Mithun ``GriDKiD`` Poojari - Guitars
  • Rohit ``P-Man`` Pereira - Bass
  • Viru "Virus" - Drums

Former members

  • Neeraj - Drums (2001-2003)
  • Ashwin Dutt - Drums (2003)
  • Jai Row Kavi -Drums (2003-2006)
  • Vispy Homavazir "V.A.S.P." - Guitars


Mumbai's R.A.I.T's Horizons (Pradeep won best vocalist).
Winners of I-Rock 16 at Rang Bhavan.


I-Rock 17 at Rang Bhavan.
Hyderabad "Jammin" - Rockfest 2002.


I-Rock 18 at Rang Bhavan.
Pune Woodstock 2003.
Goa Engineering College, Goa.
Festival of Noise, Rang Bhavan, Mumbai.


I-Rock 19 at Rang Bhavan, 29th August, Chitrakut Grounds, Mumbai.
Rock-O-Rama 2004.
Released their debut album : Compose…Oppose…Dispose.


PDV won the first ever reality TV rock band competition in India, Channel V's Launchpad. Their live music video for "IN DEPENDENCE" was shot by Channel V, and received massive airplay in the run-up to the Channel V launchpad concert on 15th Jan 2005, which saw a crowd of 35,000.

In December 2005, they were the headlining act at Strawberry Fields, the National Law School of India University's annual music fest.


Got selected for Shamal along with another Indian band Junkyard Groove. PDV were first runner ups in the competition with Junkyard Groove winning eventually.


Released their second album Right II Riot.


PDV released their debut album "Compose…Oppose…Dispose" in 2004, which was produced by Randolph (Pentagram), released on OML records and distributed by Sony Music India all over India.

Compose…Oppose…Dispose Tracklist:

1. Gutterment (Elect The Bastard)
2. Krapolitix
3. Absurd
4. 4
5. Skinless Substitute
6. Full Body Burn
7. Pulling Out Glass Over A Basin Of Blood
8. Cold Walls (Repression)
9. Tower Of Silence
10. Stand Your Ground
11. I'm Gonna Fight Back
12. Get 'Em Off
13. Perfect Defect

Total playing time 41:03

Right II Riot

Their second album, called ‘Right II Riot’ (read: Right To Riot) was released on June 16th, 2007. The mastering of the album has been done in the Mastering Room, Sweden, where albums of bands such as In Flames, Haunted, Soilwork have been mastered. The album got released by OML's Counter Culture records all over India.

Right II Riot Tracklist:

1. No Regrets
2. Rub It In
3. Tough As Nails
5. Action
6. Break These Damn Walls
7. Reaction
8. Level 2
9. An Act Of Violence
10. In Dependence
11. And This Is Why...
12. I.M. Pure
13. Just

The songs "Rub it in" , "No Regrets" and "H.A.T.E" from the album have been streamed on their myspace page

"No Regrets" features as a bonus track in Demonstealer Records' 'Fine Tuned Disasters'.

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