cottage industry

cottage industry

cottage industry: see sweating system.
Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) provides a package of services to private sector entrepreneurs in Bangladesh in the small and cottage industries sector. It was created through an Act of Parliament in 1957 which was later amended in 1992.


Small industries are defined as those engaged in manufacturing or processing or service activities whose total fixed investment is limited to BDT 30 million (US$ 0.75 million), while cottage industries are those engaged in manufacturing or servicing and generally run by family members with a total investment limited to Tk. 0.5 million (US$ 12,500) only.


BSCIC provides medium and long term loan to small industries, either directly, or through consortium of commercial banks. BSCIC also provides assistance in all other matters relating to development and expansion of small and cottage industries (SCI). The Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industry Corporation (BSCIC) is the official body which monitors the development of self-employment, cottage industries and small enterprises. It produces statistics on the types of enterprises, their activities and the number of people employed.

Its major functions are:

  • Promotion and registration of small and cottage industries
  • Conducting advisory and industrial promotion services including training of entrepreneurs
  • Skill development of artisans and craftsmen
  • Creation of jobs for SCIs
  • Construction and development of industrial estates with necessary infrastructural facilities for SCI
  • Development of linkages between SCIs and large and medium sized industries.

Current status

BSCIC has developed a total of 30 industrial estates throughout the country to foster the growth of SCIs in a balanced manner, planning, development and construction works for another 54 estates are under execution so that there is at least one industrial estate in each district of the country.


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