Mobicents is an Open Source VoIP Platform fully certified for JSLEE 1.0 compliance. Mobicents also implements some of the proposed JAIN SLEE 1.1 features. Mobicents brings to telecom applications a robust component model and execution environment. It complements J2EE to enable convergence of voice, video and data in next generation intelligent applications.

Mobicents is the most popular Open Source SIP Application Server for the Java platform. It facilitates the implementation of new services in a simple way and quickly; Enables the development of a Market oriented and costeffective Service Delivery Platform. At the same time Mobicents promotes a standard environment for emerging Application Developers open market and takes advantage of (and give visibility to) world wide talented programmers. The installation is easy and well-explained and the project includes a wide range of examples interesting for developers and users

In the scope of telecom Next Generation Intelligent Networks (NGIN), Mobicents fits in as a high-performance core engine for Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) and IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS). Mobicents enables the composition of Service Building Blocks (SBB) such as call control, billing, user provisioning, administration, and presence sensitive features. In an easy way with EclipSLEE, a graphical Service Creation Environment for rapid development of value added JAIN SLEE services. The JAIN SLEE specification permits popular protocol stacks such as SIP to be connected as resource adapters. The SLEE service building blocks – SBBs are software components that sends and receives events and performs computational logic based on the receipt of events and its current state, they have many similarities to EJBs. The extensible standard architecture naturally accommodates integration points with enterprise applications such as Web, CRM or SOA end points. Monitoring and management of Mobicents components comes out of the box via SLEE standard based JMX and SNMP interfaces. This makes Mobicents servers an easy choice for telecom Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Network management systems (NMS). In addition to telecom, Mobicents is suitable for a variety of problem domains demanding Event Driven Architecture (EDA) for high volume, low latency signaling. Examples include financial trading, online gaming, sensor network integration (RFID) and distributed control.

Mobicents is distributed under a flexible dual license policy. The default distribution license is GNU General Public License (GPL), the most popular Free Open Source Software (FOSS) license in the world. Users would consider purchasing a commercial license if they intend to redistribute Mobicents along with proprietary code or offer a commercial onlince service based on Mobicents. Other popular Open Source Products with similar licensing policy include MySQL, Asterisk, and Java ME.

The company is member of the SCOPE Alliance. It was acquired by Red Hat on June, 2007.

Benchmarking in Mobicents version 1.0.00.CR1

  • 100 SIP calls per second (cps) on single CPU @ 2GHz; Linux
  • 370 SIP calls per second on 4 way Netra 440; Sun/Solaris

Note: 1 SIP cps ~ 5 tps, because each SIP call has 5-6 transactions involved. In short the peak performance reported is around 1000-1200tps .

Resource Adaptors

Resource Adaptors allow SLEE applications to interact with external resources via standard or proprietary protocols. Mobicents provides a number of resource adaptors out of the box:

  • SIP RA - using the JAIN SIP RI and extended with basic SIP Registrar and Proxy Services
  • XMPP/Google Talk RA - using the Smack library. Works in Client and Component Server modes.
  • Asterisk RA - using the Asterisk-Java library.
  • Java Call Control (JCC) RA implementing the recommendations in Appendix C of JSR 22 - JSLEE 1.0.
  • Parlay/Parlay-X RA allowing controlled access to Parlay Gateways.
  • J2EE/JCA RA implementing the recommendations in Appendix F of JSR 22 - JSLEE 1.0.
  • Diameter RA based on a Java Diameter library by Ivan Skytte Jorgensen
  • Media RA - A basic Media RA with default implementation based on JMF.
  • SMPP RA for SMS messaging
  • Media Gateway RA for advanced media control
  • JCC INAP RA for SS7 INAP integration
  • HTTP RA enabling MM7, MM1, XCAP and other HTTP based applications

There are more Resource Adaptors available under commercial licenses by third party vendors.


Mobicents runs on a jboss-3.2.6 or later jboss-3.2.x, needs JDK 1.4 and Apache Ant to be build. As a Java based program, can run in Windows and Linux systems.

Development status

Has an active community in the mobicents Forums, for users and developers. The development status is 4-Beta ; Has currently 4 developers and the Project Admin is Ivelin Atanasoff Ivanov.


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