Gamma Corvi

Gamma Corvi (γ Crv / γ Corvi) is the brightest star in the constellation Corvus. Its traditional name is Gienah, however Epsilon Cygni has an identical traditional name. The name "Gienah Corvi" (or "Gienah Ghurab") may be used to distinguish it from this Gienah in Cygnus.

"Gienah" derives from Arabic, from Ulugh Beg's الجناح الغراب اليمن al-janāħ al-ghirāb al-yaman, meaning "the right wing of the crow", although on modern charts it marks the left wing.


In astrology, Gienah is supposed to have a similar effect to Mars and Saturn, tending to promote greed and craftiness. It was one of the medieval Behenian stars, associated with onyx, burdock, and a crow-like kabbalistic symbol . In this context it is sometimes referred to as Ala Corvi, "the wing of the crow or raven."


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