Cort, Henry, 1740-1800, English inventor. He revolutionized the British iron industry with his use of grooved rollers to finish iron, replacing the process of hammering, and through his invention of the puddling process. This process, called puddling, involved stirring the molten pig iron in a reverbatory furnace until the decarburizing action of the air produced a loop of pure metal.
Cort is the name of several people:

  • Cornelis Cort (1536-1578), Dutch engraver
  • Henry Cort (1740 – 1800), English ironmaster
  • Bud Cort (1948 - ), American actor
  • Carl Cort (1977 - ), English footballer
  • Leon Cort (1979 - ), English footballer
  • Cort Guitars
  • Cort, a fictional character in the Stephen King Universe.
  • Cort is also a surname that was given to Jews that from Belarus, Russia, and Poland, by immigration officers in the U.S. Usually, their Belarusian, Russian, or Polish names were Kuddlechuck, Kortelchik, or Kutalczuk.

Cort is also a common medical abbreviation for the hormone cortisol.

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