Nevado Coropuna is the largest and highest volcano in Peru, attaining an impressive elevation of . It is located about northwest of Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru.

This massive ice-covered stratovolcano complex has a summit plateau which extends over 12 x 20 km (8 x 13 mi), with six separate summit cones rising above it. Three summits have over 300m of prominence , the true summit, 6425m, is at the northwest corner of the plateau. The southwest (Casulla) summit has an elevation of 6377m on the Peruvian IGM map but may be equal or greater in height depending on the depth of seasonal snow. A further summit with over 300m prominence is Coropuna Este 6307m. A permanent ice cap of about in area covers the summit region, extending down to roughly on the north side and on the south. Vertical relief on the south flank exceeds over a distance of less than .

The name Coropuna means "shrine on the plateau" in Quechua. Remains of Inca clothing have been found near , providing evidence for pre-Columbian ascents.


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