Burgdorf, Switzerland

Burgdorf (Berthoud) is the largest city in the Emmental in the canton of Berne in Switzerland and is the capital of the district of the same name.

In 1175 the town was first known as "Burtorf" from Burg Bertolfs (Berchtold's) in connection with a deed of Duke Berchtold IV of Zähringer. In 1384, the city of Berne purchased Burgdorf.

Burgdorf has several engine works and some departments of the Berne University of Applied Sciences (e.g. Architecture and Civil Engineering). Burgdorf has a growing economy, several small companies called KMU (small and middle companies) are located and have their headquarters in Burgdorf, such as Ypsomed (former Disetronic), Aebi, Typon, Iverslee and Seewer. Burgdorf is also known for its own beer, Burgdorf used to have several breweries, which had to close. In 1999, Burgdorf got the beer back, and is proud to have one of the best beers in Switzerland (winner of the beerdays in Solothurn)

Points of interest

  • The old town centre, with alleyways, squares and many historical buildings
  • Late Gothic church 1471/1490
  • The Schloss Burgdorf (a castle)
  • The "Badi" (which means public swimming pool)
  • Museum Franz Gertsch
  • Kornhaus (cornhouse)
  • Burgdorf Flüeh (4 huge rocks) and the river Emme
  • Burgdorf Schützematte, a big field, meeting point of peoples

People associated with Burgdorf

Special events

  • Solaette - #1 event in Burgdorf, old tradition child event (last Monday of June)
  • Gymfest - big party organized by a group of students of Gymnasium Burgdorf (January)
  • Pogoschuetz - an openair concert on the Schuetzenmatte (September)
  • Cinete - an openair movie theater, every year during summer
  • Kalter Maert - the biggest fair in Burgdorf, every year 10 000 of people come to shop in

the old city of Burgdorf (cold winter time)

  • Burgdorfer Stadtlauf - Burgdorf running race through the city of Burgdorf

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