core strength

Mountain unicycling

Mountain unicycling (MUni) is an emerging adventure sport that consists of traversing rough terrain on a unicycle. Mountain unicycling can be done on the same terrain as a mountain bike. However, unicycles typically lack a gear system, preventing the user from coasting or reaching high speeds. Mountain unicycling usually takes place on specially designed unicycles, which are equipped with strong hubs, large, knobby tires, and rugged frames.

MUni riders also need a few additional skills than required for either mountain biking or regular unicycling with core strength and balance being key.


In the United States, many unicyclists gather for the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend and the Moab, Utah MUni Fest

In the UK people gather for the British Muni Weekend (BMW).

The first ever Colorado MUnifest is being organized by Colorado Muni for October 2007.

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