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Cor Blimey!

Cor Blimey! was a one off ITV Drama broadcast in 2000 following the lives of Sid James (played by Geoffrey Hutchings), Barbara Windsor (played by Samantha Spiro) and Kenneth Williams (played by Adam Godley).


It starts with Sally (Sid James's new wardrobe assistant) driving to the set of Carry on Cleo at Pinewood Studios when Barbara Windsor was dubbing for Carry On Spying. She finds Sid to be worse than the rumours of his womanising seem to be, but sticks by him, even after an early outburst from Kenneth Williams.

Sid meets Barbara Windsor and falls for her, although it is just seen by everyone else, including Barbara that it's just infatuation, not real love. Sid continued to pursue Barbara, and keep an eye on her during the infamous flying bra scene in Carry on Camping. Sid becomes obbsessed by 1973 while on location for Carry On Girls. During the shoot Barbara decides to let Sid have one night of passion which he accepts, but is later followed up with the two having an affair. By 1976 the affair is over and a few months later, Sid died at the age of 62, he had a heart attack on the opening night of The Mating Season at the Sunderland Empire, and died on the way to the hospital.

Real Life Carry On

the affair which happened between Windsor and James along with the friendships and fallouts of the Carry On Team from 1964 all the way up to Carry On Emmannuelle's pre production stage after Sid's death on Stage in 1976.

Carry on Films featured

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