Coolgardie, Australia: see East Coolgardie Goldfield; Kalgoorlie.

The Coolgardie-Esperance Highway is a 368 km Western Australian highway between Coolgardie and Esperance. It runs in a north-south direction linking the WA's Eastern Goldfields to the coast.

The Coolgardie-Norseman stretch (National Highway 94) forms part of the Perth to Adelaide National Highway route and is the busier part of the highway with heavy interstate truck traffic. The interstate traffic continues eastwards via Eyre Highway from its junction in Norseman. From Coolgardie to Norseman it passes through arid mining country, mainly dotted with patches of gum trees, scrub and salt lakes.

The Norseman-Esperance stretch is a part of Australia's Highway 1. The scenery changes to wheatbelt with thicker stands of gum trees along the way as the climate gets wetter towards the coast.

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