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Miss Lebanon - Lebanon's Official National Beauty Pageant (Arabic: انتخابات ملكة جمال لبنان ) is a beauty contest in Lebanon.

Miss Lebanon is the only national beauty contest that awards prizes worth more than half a million US dollars to its winners. It is broadcast by the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC). During one year, the Lebanese winners compete in two of the five international pageants which include the four major beauty pageants, (Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International, and a minor international pageant Miss Intercontinental), while two handpicked national contestants are chosen for the remaining ones.

Pageant controversials

  • In the 1972 Miss Universe pageant in Dorado, Puerto Rico, the 1971 winner, Georgina Rizk, was not allowed to attend due to government restrictions because of fears of a terrorist attack. These fears were triggered when, two months prior to the pageant, bombings occurred outside the hotel in which Miss USA, Tanya Wilson, was then staying. Lebanon did not send a delegate to the pageant that year either.
  • In the 1993 Miss World pageant, in Sun City, South Africa, a photograph caused outrage in Lebanon, with Miss Lebanon, Ghada El Turck, accused of collaborating with the enemy, with the Israeli contestant, Tamara Porat. It was four months before Ghada was allowed to return to her country, which is officially still at war with Israel. The picture was scanned from the Times Magazine, November 22, 1993.
  • Christina Sawaya, winner of the Lebanese pageant in 2001, dropped out the Miss Universe 2002 pageant, because she wouldn't compete in a pageant alongside Miss Israel, Yamit Har-Noy. As for other contestants, most, like Miss Egypt, Sally Shaheen, was upset and disappointed that Christina dropped out and said the controversy at the pageant has nothing to do with politics.
  • Lebanon was planning not to have a pageant for 2008, due the few national fightings, but due to positive evolution, and as declared by LBC, 18 contestants were formerly chosen in 2008 through casting and competed to earn the crown of Miss Lebanon. The pageant started on July 4 2008, and the crowning night was held on July 11.


Year Miss Lebanon Results
2008 Rosarita Tawil
2007 Nadine Njeim
2006 Not held
2005 Gabrielle BouRached Miss Asia 2005 3rd Runner-Up
2004 Nadine Njeim
2003 Marie José Hnein Miss World 2003 Top 15
2002 Not held
2001 Christina Sawaya (كريستين صوايا) Miss International 2002 Winner
2000 Sandra Rizk
1999 Norma Elias Naoum
1998 Clémence Achkar
1997 Joélle Georges Behlock Miss World 1997 Top 10
1996 Nisreen Sami Nasser
1995 Dina Azar
1994 Lara Badaui
1993 Ghada El Turck
1992 Nicole Berdwel
1991 Diana Bagdache
1988-1990 no pageants (civil war)
1987 Elaine George Fakhoury
1986 Mary Khoury
1985 Mirelle Abi Fares
1984 Reine Philip Barakat
1983 Elaine Khoury
1982 Dochka Abi Nader
1981 Zeina Joseph Challita
1980 Celeste Assal
1979 Jacqueline Riachi
1978 Katia Fakhry
1977 Vera Aloune
1976 Giséle Hachem
1975 Ramona Karam Miss World 1975 Top 15
1974 Sylvia Johannessian Miss World 1974 Top 15
1973 Marcelle Herro Miss Universe 1973 Top 10
1971-72 Not held
1970 Georgina Rizk (جورجينا رزق‎) Miss Universe 1971 Winner
1967-1969 no pageants (causes by six-day war)
1966 Marlene Taleh
1965 Rola George Harb
1964 Nana Bakaraf
1963 Mona Slim
1962 Eleanore Abi Karam
1961 Nouhad Cabbabe Miss Universe 1962 Top 15
1960 Giséle Nicholas Nasser

Best Results at Beauty Pageants

Contestant Year Competition Rank
Amale Khoder 2007 Miss Earth 9th / Top 15
Annabella Samir Hilal 2006 Miss World 7th / Top 15
Nancy Afiouni 2007 Miss Intercontinental Winner
Dominique Hourani 2002 Miss Intercontinental Winner
Christina Sawaya 2001 Miss International Winner
Georgina Rizk 1971 Miss Universe Winner

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