[kon-si-kwens, -kwuhns]
Consequences is an old parlour game in a similar vein to the Surrealist game exquisite corpse and Mad Libs. It also has a variation known as Picture Consequences.

Each person takes a turn choosing a word for one of six questions, in this order.

  1. Man's name
  2. Woman's name
  3. Place name
  4. He said to her…
  5. She said to him
  6. The consequence was… (a description of what happened after)
  7. An outcome

Then the story is read (for example): Scary Michael Jackson met voluptuous Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the Zoo. He said "You are delicious", she said "Hit me baby one more time". He gave her a red rose, she gave him cholera. The consequence was that they eloped to Mexico. The world said "the femme fatale will always win".

It is traditionally played by writing the words on paper and folding the paper to hide the previous words before passing it to the next player.


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