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Expanding Human

"Expanding Human" is an episode of the original The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 10 October, 1964, during the second season. It is known for one of the earliest appearances of James Doohan, who would later go on to play Scotty in Star Trek.


A man experiments with consciousness expanding drugs and accidentally lets loose the monster inside himself.

Opening narration

As far back as men have recorded their history, veils have been lowered to disclose a vast new reality — rents in the fabric of Man's awareness. And somewhere, in the endless search of the curious mind, lies the next vision, the next key to his infinite capacity...


Professor Peter Wayne is disturbed to hear that his university colleague, Dr. Roy Clinton, is pursuing forbidden drug experiments with a group of graduate students. When one of the students turns up dead, Professor Wayne investigates Clinton's activities, and discovers that consciousness-expansion can have powerful and dangerous consequences.

Closing narration

"Some success, some failure, but either way the gnawing hunger to know is never sated, and the road to the unknown continues to be dark and strange."


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