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Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors

(or simply ) is a Japanese arcade fighting game by Sunsoft for the Neo-Geo and Sega Saturn.


A number of legends exist throughout the planets of our galaxy that say the Divine Being appears once every millennium. The time is upon us now, and many have converged on the Denius system to greet the Divine Being. Without this god of legend, all is dark and empty. His name is Felden Crais and he knows only one way of doing things. He is neither benevolent nor malevolent, but his power is omnipotent. No one mortal being is more powerful than he.


Galaxy Fight was Sunsoft's first approach into fighting games, and consequently the first game in the genre that the company released for the Neo-Geo. Even as a prequel of sorts to Waku Waku 7 (which uses the same engine), the games have few things in common (one of them being the mid-boss, Bonus-Kun). The players choose one of eight characters and travel among the in-game solar system to defeat the opponents inhabiting each of the planets before they get the chance to fight Felden and settle their personal scores with him.

The game uses a four-button layout where the first three buttons are used for non-specified striking attacks (they can be anything ranging from punches and kicks to tail whips and bites) with each specific button yielding different strengths of attacks. The fourth button is used specifically for taunts which has no purpose beyond annoying the opponent or showing off. Combining several buttons together may yield new attacks or special moves depending on the character.

Galaxy Fight does not feature any extra bars other than the ones displaying the health of the character; considering the time, this could be seen as old school, because most other fighters released the same year used Super bars (e.g. The King of Fighters '95, Samurai Shodown III, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, and Street Fighter Alpha).

One of the innovative features of this game is that there are no walls in the stages to corner players; instead, the screen can scroll indefinitely. This is an uncommon feature in 2D fighting games (other examples of this is Shuma-Gorath's stage in Marvel Super Heroes and all stages in Joy Mech Fight) and is usually more closely associated with the 3D Tekken series.



  • NickName: ?
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: ?
  • Height: ?
  • Weight: ?
  • BirthPlace: ?
  • Likes: ?
  • Dislikes: ?
  • Hobby: ?
  • Family: ?
  • Complex: ?
  • Character: ?
  • Goal: ?
  • Most Valuable: ?

Rolf is what many could call a "carbon copy" of Ryu, from Street Fighter. He is not only a lead character, but also uses the same standard specials as Ryu.



  • Name: Kazuma
  • NickName: The Raging Storm
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 25 years
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • BirthPlace: Outer space
  • Likes: Silence, serious game and the evening sun
  • Dislikes: Noisy people
  • Hobby: Flower arrangement and calligraphy
  • Family: Father, mother and younger brother (Takuya)
  • Complex: That he is not very sociable
  • Character: Taciturn
  • Goal: Fight to be stronger
  • Most Valuable: Sword (remembrance of his father)

Kazuma travels with Rolf in the looking for powerful warriors, seeking to be stronger and continue with the tradition of the martial arts of his family. His father was murdered by Rouwe.

Special Moves

  • Blade Storm
  • Ninja Replicant
  • Hurricane Destruction
  • Ninja Death Tornado



  • Name: Roomi
  • NickName: ?
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 8 (her years)/ 16 (our years)
  • Height: 160 cm / 3 (?)
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • BirthPlace: Lutecia
  • Likes: Singing
  • Dislikes: ?
  • Hobby: Singing
  • Family: ?
  • Complex: ?
  • Character: ?
  • Goal: Fight to be stronger
  • Most Valuable:

Roomi's dream is to become popular, like Juri. In her ending, she becomes a singer that doubles as a fighter. Famous on her home planet before leaving on her journey. She senses her opponent's feelings before they strike, and has an in-game style that resembles Blanka and Felicia.



  • Name: Alvan
  • NickName: Prince of The Ruined Planet
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 92 years of his planet (12 in Earth years)
  • Height: 153 cm
  • Weight: 46 kg
  • BirthPlace: Planet Rozalis
  • Likes: Read Books
  • Dislikes: Evil
  • Hobby: Magic Research
  • Family: Father, Mother and older sister
  • Complex: Being a conscient and responsible king
  • Character: Too serious
  • Goal: Get rid of the curse of his homeland
  • Most Valuable Thing: His Kingdom

Alvan is the Prince of the planet Rozalis. His planet was invaded and destroyed and his family was murdered by Felden 1000 years ago.

Alvan managed to survive thanks to the magic crimsom stone. Alvan challenges Felden to save the life of the few living beings that still left in his planet

Special Moves

  • Al Blast
  • Al Fire
  • Al thunder
  • Al Slugger
  • Super Alvan


  • Alvan's family members live 6 or 7 times more than the humans
  • The horn in his head is a characteristic of his family and it appears only when they are preparing to fight.


A robot built by the Fakir Empire. His objective is to defeat all the warriors and get their weaknesses so that the Fakir Empire can take over the Galaxy.

After defeating Felden he remembers that he was captured by the Fakir Empire and converted to a battle unit for this battle. He made sure that this was not repeated and went on a personal war against the Fakir Empire.

G. Done


Special Moves

  • Solar Flare
  • Kinetic Storm
  • Solar Meteor
  • Big Bang
  • Elbow Drop
  • Haley's Heel
  • Comet Crash
  • Abyss

Bonus Kun

Rouwe's own punching bag that has come to life. Rouwe has taught him basic fighting techniques.

Bonus-Kun is a homage/parody of Ryu. In Galaxy Fight, he wears a red headband and his moves are limited to a small fireball and a headbutt. In his reappearance in Waku Waku 7, he is able to attack using his lower half and several adaptations of Ryu's techniques. But since he has no arms, he cannot block.


Yacopu is Rouwe's pet rabbit and the game's midboss, fought before Felden. He originated from the Nintendo Game Boy title, Trip World. He has the ability to shape-shift himself into whoever he fights against, providing a mirror match. While in his regular form, he can only be hit by crouching attacks while on the ground.


Special Moves

  • Wind Storm
  • Upper Solitude
  • Oni's Rage
  • Oni Down
  • Jarring Wrist
  • Twin Oni's Seeking
  • Oni's Fury
  • Oni's Wrath


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