Connexion is the original and variant spelling of "connection", common until at least the 18th century, and still used in Britain. The Oxford English Dictionary lists it as an acceptable spelling to this day. The OED seems to show preference for the etymological correct "connexion" over the more common "connection", listing "connexion" before "connection" in the 2nd edition (1989). Other uses of "Connexion" in a number of contexts, are the following:

In Non-conformist Christianity

In the history of Christianity in England, a Connexion was a circuit of prayer groups who would employ travelling ministers alongside the regular ministers attached to each congregation.

This method of organising emerged in eighteenth century English Non-conformist religious circles; this is why the otherwise old-fashioned spelling (connexion rather than connection) is retained (although connexion was the house style of The Times of London until around 1984 and 1985). The Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion was founded by Selina, Countess of Huntingdon.

The most significant current use of the term is for the national organization of Methodism in Great Britain; see Methodist Church of Great Britain.

Connexions, a UK government youth scheme

The Connexions agency is a government-funded initiative in the UK that gives advice to those between the ages of 13 and 19. It was set up in 2000.

Connexion by Boeing

Connexion was also used as the name of the in-flight online connectivity service by Connexion by Boeing.

PhyQuest Connexion

PhyQuest Connexion is also the name of a risk-reduction reporting system developed by PhyQuest. The system ensures the communication of critical non-emergent radiology findings and emergency room discrepincies. Connexion first introduced August 20, 2002, with Wellstar Health Systems and Quantum Radiology Northwest at Kennestone Hospital. The reporting system holds a patent at the USPTO office.

An example of when the system might be used:

John is diagnosed with bronchitis, however, his doctor is not sure of the diagnosis. John's doctor then sends John to the hospital for an x-ray. A radiologist reads John's x-ray and finds that not only does John have bronchitis, but there is also a suspicious nodule in the x-ray that has the potential to be life-threatening cancer.

The radiologist activates Connexion which ensures that the exam results (John's cancer) are delivered to the appropriate parties (John and his doctor). Connexion records all actions that are taken in reporting the radiology exam.

Connexion (Band)

Connexion is a dance pop duo best known for their hit single "Ring Ring".

The Connexion

The Connexion is a monthly English-language newspaper for English-speakers in France.

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