[kuhn-hoon-toh; Sp. kawn-hoon-taw]
Conjunto, taken from Spanish, literally meaning "group", from Latin "coniunctus". The official Real Academia Spanish dictionary lists 10 definitions of the word. English speakers in the United States most likely see the word in reference to a small musical group. Many of these such conjuntos are concentrated in regions in the Southwestern portion of the United States, primarily in Texas and California. In Mexico the term conjunto is synonymous with Norteño music. However, conjunto is also used by Caribbean and Cuban groups, such as the Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba and everywhere else in the Spanish speaking world. Other words used to describe musical groups are orquesta, banda, charanga, or the name may refer to the number of members in the group such as septeto for a septet or a

In the USA and Mexico, a conjunto band is comprised of four main instruments: the button accordion, the bajo sexto, an electric bass, and a modern set of drums.

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