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Splash Gold -Natsu no Kiseki- / Prism of Eyes

"SPLASH GOLD —Natsu no Kiseki— / Prism of Eyes" is MAX's 30th single under the SONIC GROOVE label. To be released on August 2, 2006, it will be their first single released in dual formats, CD&DVD and CD-Only. It is also their first single following the release of their album, Jewel of Jewels (2006).


The single was originally planned to be released as "Prism of Eyes," however, on June 20, 2006 their management company announced the single to be a double a-side with a new song, "SPLASH GOLD —Natsu no Kiseki—." An early description of "Prism of Eyes" provided by Tower Records states that it will be a house number with an Okinawan flare.

Commercial endorsement

According to E+ an online CD distributor, the single will be used as the third ending theme to the tokusatsu series Madan Senki Ryukendo.

Tentative track listing


  1. Prism of Eyes
  2. SPLASH GOLD —Natsu no Kiseki—
  3. Prism of Eyes (Instrumental)
  4. SPLASH GOLD —Natsu no Kiseki— (Instrumental)

CD and DVD

CD portion

  1. SPLASH GOLD —Natsu no Kiseki—
  2. Prism of Eyes
  3. SPLASH GOLD —Natsu no Kiseki— (Instrumental)
  4. Prism of Eyes (Instrumental)

DVD portion

SPLASH GOLD —Natsu no Kiseki—

  1. Music Video
  2. Making Of
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