[n. kong-gris; v. kuhn-gres, kuhng-]
Congress, Library of: see Library of Congress.

A congress is a formal meeting of representatives from different countries (or by extension constituent states), or independent organisations (such as different trade unions).

The term Congress was chosen for the US Congress to emphasise the status of each state represented there as a self-governing unit. Subsequently to the use of congress by the US legislature, the term has been adopted by many states within unions, and by unitary countries in the Americas, to refer to their legislature, although this usage does not correspond to the proper meaning of the word.

The term Congress is often identified with the presidential system of government.

Political congress

National congress

Countries with Congresses and presidential systems:

Other countries with Congresses:

Political party and organizations

Congress is included in the name of several political parties, especially those in former British colonies:

Political gatherings

Congress has also been used to describe certain historical gatherings, such as

It has been used for meetings of independence-minded nationalists or revolutionaries:

(Note, the political parties mentioned above also began as groups of this type).

Congress is also part of the name of certain international bodies, such as

Party congress

Many political parties also have a Party Congress which is held every few years to make decisions for the party and elected governing bodies. These are sometimes called political conventions.

Non-political congress

Chess congress

A Chess congress is a chess tournament, in one city, where a large number of contestants gather to play competitive chess over a limited period of time; typically one day to one week.

Scientific congress

Congress is an alternative name for a large national or international academic conference.




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