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List of English words of Italian origin

Many words of Italian origin have entered other languages. A large part of musical terminology is Italian, as are popular foods from Italian cuisine.

Art and Architecture

Albarello :from albarelloAmoretto, Cupid :from amoretto, diminutive of amore, from Latin amor = "love"Arcade :from arcate = "arches"Architrave :from architraveArtisan :from artigianoBagnio :from bagnoBalcony :from balconeBaldachin :from baldacchinoBaluster :from balaustraBalustrade :from balaustrataBelvedere, a kind of gazebo :from belvedere = "nice view"Berlinetta :from berlinettaBiennale :from biennaleBronze :from bronzoCameo :from cammeoCampanile :from campanileCaricature :from caricaturaCarpet :from carpitaCarrozzeria :from carrozzeriaCartoon :from cartone, ="cardboard", augmentative of carta, ="paper"Chiaroscuro :from chiaro, ="clear, light coloured" and scuro, "dark"Cognoscente :from conoscenteColonnade :from colonnato, from colonna columnConversazione :from conversazioneCorridor :from corridoioCupola :from cupola, ="little cask"Curioso :from curiosaDilettante :from dilettanteDome :from duomoFacade :from French façade, from Italian facciata, from faccia face, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin faciaFaience :from the city of FaenzaFascia :from fascia, ="band or strip"Fiasco :from FiascoFigurine :from figurinaFresco :from fresco, ="fresh, cool". The Italian word for a painting on wet plaster is affrescoFumetti :from fumettiGallery :from galleria, ="arcade"Gesso :from gesso, ="chalk"Graffiti :from graffiti, plural of graffitoGrotesque :from grottescaImpasto :from impasto, ="dough, paste"Indigo :from indacoIntaglio :from intaglio, ="cutting, engraving"Intarsia :from intarsio, ="inlaying, marquetry"Loggia :from loggiaMadonna :from madonna, ="my lady"Madonnari :from madonnari, plural of madonnaroMagenta :from the town of Magenta, ItalyMajolica :from maiolicaMandorla :from mandorlaMartello :from martelloMascara :from mascheramasquerade :from mascheraMask :from mascheraMedal :from medagliaMezzanine :from mezzaninoMezzotint :from mezzo, ="half", and tinto, ="dyed, stained"Millefiori : from millefioriMiniature :from miniaturaModel :from modelloMonticello :from monticello, ="little mountain"Morbidezza :from morbidezzaMosaic :from mosaicoMuslin :from mussolinaNiello :from nielloOvolo :from ovulo, diminutive of "uovo", "ovo" egg, from Latin "ovum"Palazzo :from palazzo Parapet :from parapettoPastel :from pastelloPasticcio :from pasticcio, ="pastiche"Pentimento :from pentimentoPergola :from pergolaPiazza :from piazza, ="square, marketplace"Pietà :from pietà, ="pity"Pilaster :from pilastroPorcelain :from porcellanaPortico :from porticoPredella :from predellaPutto :from puttoQuattrocento :from Quattrocento, ="1400s".Relievo :from rilievo, see also alto-relievo, basso-relievoReplica :from replicaRotunda :from rotondaSaloon :from saloneScagliola :from scagliola, =literally, "little chip"Sepia :from seppia, ="cuttlefish"Seraglio :from serraglioSfumato :from sfumato, ="shaded, toned down"Sgraffito :from sgraffitoSienna :from the town of Siena, ItalySketch :from schizzo =literally, "splash"Soffit :from soffitto, ="ceiling"Studio :from studio, ="study"Stucco :from stuccoTazza :from tazzaTempera :from temperaTerra-cotta :from terra cotta, =literally, "baked or cooked earth"Terrazzo :from terrazzo, ="terrace"Umber :from Umbria, a region in ItalyVeduta :from vedutaVedutista :from vedutistaVilla :from villaVirtue :from virtùVirtuoso :from virtuoso

Food and culinary terms

affogato :from affogatoal dente :from al (a preposition + il article) and dente, ="tooth" (al dente could be translated as "slightly underdone"; it's used particularly to specify the clicking consistency of properly done pasta)al fresco :from al and fresco, ="fresh, cool", hence ="in a cool place". In Italian al fresco is a slang term for being in jail.amaretto :from amaretto, diminutive of amaro bitter, from Latin amarusantipasto :from antipastoartichoke : from North Italian articiocco, from Arabic al-ẖaršúf.arugula :from the Neapolian dialect rugulabarista :from baristabiscotti :from plural of biscotto ="cooked twice, cookie" bologna or baloney (boloney) :from Bolognabroccoli :from plural of broccolo, ="cabbage-sprout or top"calamari :from calamaricandy :from Middle English sugre candy, part translation of Middle French sucre candi, part translation of Old Italian zucchero candi, from zucchero sugar + Arabic qandI candied, from qand cane sugarcappuccino :from cappuccinocarpaccio :from carpacciocauliflower :from cavolfiorecaviar :from cavialeChicken Marengo :from the village of Marengociabatta :from ciabattacoffee :from caffèconfetti :from confetti, plural of confettocotechino : from cotechinoespresso :from espressofettuccine :from fettuccine, plural of fettuccinafocaccia :from focacciagelato :from gelatograppa :from grappagusto :from gustolasagna :from lasagnelatte :from latte, ="milk". Coffee with lots of milk is called caffellatte in Italylinguine :from linguine, plural of linguina, ="diminutive of lingua tongue"macaroni :from maccheroni, plural of maccheronemacchiato :from macchiato, ="marked"maraschino :from maraschinomarinara :from (alla) marinara ="literally, in sailor style"panettone :from panettonepanini :from panini, plural of panino, ="bread roll"parmesan :from dialect word parmesan ="from Parma", parmigiano in standard Italianpasta :from pasta ="dough"pepperoni :from peperoni, plural of peperone, augmentative of pepe pepper, from Latin piperpesto :from pesto, ="crushed"pignoli :from pinoli, plural of pinolopistachio :from pistacchiopizza :from pizzapizzeria :from pizzeriapolenta :from polentaprosciutto :from prosciuttoprovolone :from augmentative of provolaradicchio :from radicchio, ="chicory"ravioli :from ravioli, plural of raviolosalami :from salami, plural of salamescampi :from scampi, plural of scamposemolina :from semolinosoda :from sodaspaghetti :from spaghetti, plural of spaghetto, ="little string"spumante :from spumantespumoni :from spumonesugar :from zucchero; ultimately from Arabictiramisu :from tiramisùtortellini :from tortellini, plural of tortellino ="little cake"tortoni :from Tortoni 19th century Italian restaurateur in Paristrattoria :from trattoriatutti-frutti :from tutti frutti, ="all fruits"vermicelli :from vermicelli, plural of vermicello ="little worm"zabaglione :from zabaglione, zabaione (actual Italian form)zucchini :from zucchini, plural of zucchina, ="small gourd"

Language and literature

Beatrice :from Beatricecanto, subdivision of a long poem :from canto ="song, singing"lingua franca :from lingua francamotto :from mottonovel :from novella, ="short story, tale".pun :from puntiglio (originally meaning "a fine point"), diminutive of punto, "point", from the Latin punctus, past participle of pungere, "to prick."scenario :from scenariosonnet :from sonettostanza :from stanza, ="room"trill :from trillo


alto :from altoattacca :from attaccabasso :from bassobassoon :from bassonebel canto :from bel cantobravura :from bravuracadenza :from cadenzacantata :from cantatacanzone :from canzonecapo :short for capotasto, from Italian, literally, head of fingerboardcapriccio :from capriccio ="sudden start, motion, or freak"castrato :from castratocavatina :from cavatinacello :from violoncelloconcert :from concertodiva :from divadivertimento :from divertimentofolio :from foglio, ="leaf"fantasia :from fantasia, ="fancy"forte, a musical direction for 'loud' :from forte ="strong, loud" fugue :from fugaharmonica :from armonicaintermedio :from intermediointermezzo :from intermezzolibretto :from librettomadrigal :from madrigalemaestro :from maestromandola :from mandolamandolin :from mandolinoobbligato :from obbligare, ="to oblige"oboe :from oboè, òboe (actual Italian form)ocarina :from ocarinaopera :from opera, ="a work produced"operetta :from operetta, ="little opera"oratorio :from oratorioorchestra :from orchestrapiano :from piano, ="soft"pianoforte :from pianoforte, ="soft-strong"piccolo :from piccolo, ="small"presto :from prestorondo :from rondo, ="rondeau"scena :from scena, ="scene"segue :from segue, ="it follows"serenade :from serenatasinfonia :from sinfonia, ="symphony"solfege :from solfeggiosolo :from solosonata :from sonatasoprano :from sopranosordino :from sordinotempo :from tempo, ="time"tessitura :from tessitura, ="texture"timpani :from timpani, plural of timpano, ="kettledrum"trill :from trillotrombone :from trombone, ="large trumpet"tuba :from tubaviola :from violaviolin :from violino


ballot :from ballottaggiobandit :from banditoCamerlengo :from Camerlengocamorra :from Camorradoge :from dogeduce :from (Il) Duce, which derives from the Latin dux, ducis, meaning commander, leaderfascio :from fasciofascism :from fascismogeneralissimo :from generalissimoilluminati :Italian, from New Latin, from Latin, plural of illuminatusimbroglio :from imbroglio, "an entangling, an enwrapping, a garboile";the Italian word imbroglio is itself a borrowed word from Vèneto (Venetian) brolio meant a garden, politicians in Venice used to meet in a garden to cement alliances, so to go 'in brolio' meant to cheat or deceiveincognito :from incognito (from Latin in + cognitus), ="unknown"irredentism :from irredentismomachiavellian :from Niccolò Machiavellimanifesto :from manifesto, ="manifest" partisan :from partigianoPodestà :from Podestàpolitico :from politicopropaganda :from propaganda, (from Latin 'propagare'= literally "extending forth")razzia :from razziarisorgimento :from risorgimento

Science and medicine

algebra :from algebrabreccia :from brecciacaliber :from calibro gabbro :from gabbro granite :from granito ,derivative of grano, ="grain"gonzo :from gonzo, ="fool(ish)"influenza :from influenzalagoon :from laguna,lava :from lavalazaretto :from lazzaretto, alteration of Nazaretto, quarantine station in Venice, from Santa Maria di Nazareth, church on the island where it was locatedmalaria :from malaria, contraction of mala, ="bad" and aria, "air"medico :from mediconeutrino :from neutrino, ="little neutron"pellagra :from pellagra, contraction of pelle, ="skin" and agra, "acid, sour"peperino :from peperinopozzolana :from pozzolanarace :from razzarocket :from rocchettoscalpel :from scalpello, ="chisel"torso :from torso, ="stalk, stump"travertine :from travertinotufa :from tufatuff :from tufovolcano :from vulcano (from Latin vulcanus)

Other words

agio :from agioalarm :from all'arme (allarme in modern standard Italian), =literally, "to the arms"alert :from all'erta (allerta in modern standard Italian), =literally, "on the ascent"archipelago :from arcipelagoarsenal :from arsenale, Venetian origin: "Arsenal"assassin :from assassinoattack :from attaccareattitude :from attitudineautostrada :from autostradaballerina :from ballerinaballet :from ballettoballoon :from pallonebambino :from bambino, ="child", "baby"bank :from banco or banca, ="bench"bankrupt :from banco or banca, ="bench" and rotto, ="broken"Barbarossa :nickname given to the German emperor Friedrich I, from barba, ="beard" and rossa (feminine form of rosso), ="red"bella figura :from bella figuraben trovato :from ben trovatobersagliere :from bersaglierebimbo :from bimbo, ="child", "baby"biretta :from birettabizarre :from bizzarrobocce :from bocce, plural form of boccia ="ball"bomb :from bombabordello :from bordello, ="brothel"brave :from bravo courageous, wild, probably from Latin barbarus barbarousbravo :from bravo, ="skillful, good (at something), brave (not very common in current Italian)"brigade :from brigatabrilliant :from French brillant, present participle of briller to shine, from Italian brillarebuffalo :from bufalobuffoon :from buffonebulletin :from bolletinocamauro :from camauroCampo Santo :from campo santocannon :from cannonecapuchin :from cappuccinocarabiniere :from carabinierecarat :from caratocaravan (disambiguation) :from caravana or carovanacaress :from carezzacarnival :from carnevalecarousel :from caroselloCartridge :from cartocciocascade :from cascatacash :from modification of Middle French or Old Italian; Middle French casse money box, from Old Italian cassa, from Latin capsa chestcasino :from casino, ="small house", diminutive of casa In current Italian, it means a lot of noise, a mess, or a brothel.catenaccio :from catenaccioCavalier :from cavaliere, ="chevalier"ciao :from ciaocicala :from cicala, ="cicada"cicerone :from ciceronecolonel :from colonnellocondottiere :from condottieroconsigliere :from consiglierecorna :from cornacourtesan :from cortigianacozen :from cozzonecredit :from credito, ="credit, belief, or balance"debit :from debito, ="debt"disaster :from disastroditto :from ditto, now detto, saiddonna :from donnaextravaganza :from stravaganzafesta :from festa, ="feast"fiasco :from fare fiasco, ="to make a bottle"fico :from fico, ="fig"finale :from finale, ="final"florin :from fiorinofugazi :from fugazi =Italian-American slang term for something that is "forged/not authentic"gambado :from gambale, from gamba leggazette :from gazzettaghetto :from ghettoghibli :from ghibligiraffe :from giraffagirandole :from girandolagiro :from girogondola :from gondolagran turismo :from gran turismo, ="grand touring"group :from gruppoHarlequin :from Arlecchinoimpresa :from impresaimpresario :from impresarioinnamorato :from innamoratoinferno :from inferno, ="hell"in petto :from in petto, literally, "in the breast"jeans :from blu di Genovaliterati :from obsolete Italian litterati, from Latin, plural of litteratuslottery :from lotterialotto :from lottomagazine :from magazzinomafia :from mafiamafioso :from mafiosomagnifico :from magnificoMamma Mia :from mamma miamanage :from maneggiaremarina :from marinamonster:from mostromorra :from morramozzetta:from mozzettamusket :from moschettomustachio :from mustacchio, ="mustache"ogre :from orco, ="demon, monster"omertà :from omertàpants :from pantalonepaparazzo :from Paparazzo, the surname of a character in a movie by Felliniparasol :from parasolepedal :from pedalepilot :from pilotapistol :from the city of Pistoia, Tuscanypiston :from pistonepococurante :from poco curante, ="caring little"policy :from polizzapoltroon: from poltrone, ="lazy person, idler", from poltrona, armchairpontoon :from pontone, augmentative of ponte, ="bridge"portfolio :from portafoglioprevidential :from previdenzapunchinello :from Neapolitan language pucinellaregatta :from regatarisk :from rischioriviera :from rivierasaltarello :from saltarellosansevieria :from Raimondo di Sangro, prince of San Severo died 1774 Italian scholarscaramouche :from scaramuccia, ="skirmish"sedan :from sede, a southern Italian dialect derivative of "chair"sequin :from zecchinosimpatico :from simpaticosirocco :from sciroccoskirmish :from scaramucciasquad :from squadrasquadron :from squadronestiletto :from stiletto, ="little dagger"strappado :from strappatataffeta :from taffettàtariff :from tariffatarot :from tarocchi tifoso :from tifoso, plural tifositinge :from tingere, ="to dye or to colour"tombola :from tombolare, ="to tumble, fall upside down"tombolo :from tombolotraffic :from Middle French trafique, from Old Italian traffico, from trafficare to traffictrampoline :from trampolinoturban :from turbanteumbrella :from ombrello, diminutive of ombra, ="shade"valuta :from valuta, ="value"vendetta :from vendetta, ="vengeance"vista :from vistaviva :from vivazany :from Zanni a dialectal form of Giovanni, a Commedia dell'arte characterzero :from zerozucchetto :from zucchetto''

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