A cone (from the Greek κῶνος, Latin conu) is a basic geometrical shape; see cone (geometry).

Cone may also refer to:

  • Conifer cone, a seed-bearing organ on conifer plants
  • Cone cell, in anatomy, a type of light-sensitive cell found along with rods in the retina of the eye
  • Cone snail, a carnivorous molluscs of the family Conidae
  • Elizabethan collar, a cone-shaped collar worn by pets
  • Ice cream cone, an edible container in which ice cream is served, shaped like an inverted cone open at its top
  • Pyrometric cone, in ceramic manufacture, a contolled mixture of minerals used to gauge the extent of firing
  • Traffic cone, a brightly colored cone-shaped plastic object commonly used as a temporary traffic barrier or warning sign
  • Skid cone, a cone like object place before a log in forestry
  • Volcanic cone, a mountain formed by material ejected from a volcanic vent
  • A type of optical fiber that tapers almost to a point
  • The part of a loudspeaker that moves the air, creating sound waves constantly
  • A colloquial Australian term for cannabis, most commonly a bong load or 'bowl' of cannabis
  • In cartography, a type of projection; see map projection

As a proper name:

In mathematics:

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