Conation is a term of relatively recent origin that is synonymous with motivation/will/drive, the preferred terms in psychological discourse. From the Latin verb "conari" which means to attempt or to strive.

The power or act that directs or impels to effort of any kind, whether muscular or psychical.

Conative Style in popular psychology

Conative Style is the personal "how" tasks are processed; many intelligent people have had issues with work or their chosen careers due to personality conflict that happens when bosses process one way and employees another. People are motivated, simply, by different instinctive conative styles. Neither are wrong and can actually be complementary and highly effective together- if the leader can recognize and appreciate the differences instead of labeling employees as "non-conformists" or "rebels". Many people have become insecure and dis-heartened from beration and misunderstanding and therefore lost their sense of "self-efficacy'. This is the ability to effectively process tasks. So, invariably an intelligent, productive individual can be lost to productive and meaningful work life without the understanding of a learned and progressive upper management.

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