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Max Steel: Endangered Species

Max Steel: Endagered Species is a 2004 direct-to-DVD film based on the tv series


In this movie, Psycho and Bio-Con join forces to transform humanity into mutants who will be ruled by them. At one point, Psycho betrays Bio-Con, making him be trapped by a Psycho-robot (who looks like a silver-colored Psycho) who later self-destructs. Max fights Psycho and launches him into his own mutating device, which explodes. This movie marks the last appearances of Psycho and Bio-Con, along with the last time that figures of them are made. The last Psycho figure is a silver repaint of the first Psycho figure which represents the Psycho-robot instead to represent Psycho. The last Bio-Con figure is a copper repaint of the Bio-Con first figure (Bio-Con's skin changes to copper color in some scenes of the movie). At the end of the movie, Elementor, a clone of Bio-Con, awakens, for later be the villain of the second movie and the new villain of the toyline.


A Youtuber RBMS13 has found the trailer for this movie, Link .

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