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Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy

"Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy" is the name of a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live starring Jimmy Fallon.

About the sketch

In the sketch, Fallon portrays "Nick Burns", a caricature of the stereotypically condescending computer expert. Burns is the systems administrator for a large corporation, who is apparently always on-call to support technical problems. He is presented as a nerd, wearing multiple pagers and cellular phones. He sports a thin, greasy moustache and unkempt hair, and he speaks with a lisp. He has minimal patience for the problematic computer users he has to help, and usually mocks and berates them.

He would start troubleshooting a problem by rattling off instructions to the character in confusing technical jargon, and quickly gets fed up by their relative technical ineptitude, eventually yelling his catchphrase, "MOVE!" He then sits at the keyboard and fixes the problem himself, gloating at the relative ease of the solution ("Was that so hard?"). There are two other recurring lines in the sketches: at the beginning of the segment, whenever it is mentioned that Nick Burns is coming into the office, Chris Kattan's character mutters, "I don't like that guy", and at the end of the segment, Burns exits, and comes back sarcastically yelling, "Oh by the way, YOU'RE WELCOME!" Horatio Sanz also has a recurring role as a user who is regularly teased by Burns for his weight.

List of SNL episodes featuring Nick Burns

Nick Burns has been on SNL five times, and each skit has involved the guest host.

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