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Iiyama Vision Master Pro 17 computer monitor

The Iiyama Vision Master Pro 17 computer monitor manufactured by Iiyama, a high-end manufacturer of LCD and CRT monitors. This monitor was manufactured in the 1990s, and has been discontinued.

Screen specifications

The monitor is a CRT with a Phosphor area diagonal: 41cm (16"), Dot pitch of 0.26mm. The screen has a short persistence phosphor with an anti-reflection and anti-static coating.

The horizontal sync frequency is 27.0-86.0kHz, and the vertical sync is 50-160Hz. The maximum video resolution 1600 × 1200, non-interlaced

Video connector interface

The two standard input connections are 5-BNC and D-Sub mini 15pin.

Power Specifications

The monitor operates on a standard 110V 60Hz line and a 220V 50Hz, consuming a maximum of 110W of power. stand-by power is 10W maximum, and suspend mode is 6W maximum.

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