Compo may refer to:

  • A slang word in the demoscene for "competition".
  • A character from the British TV series Last of the Summer Wine named Compo Simmonite, played by Bill Owen.
  • British army field rations.
  • COMPO Organisation for past members of Bournemouth School CCF, COMPO - Organisation Past Members of Corps.
  • Compo is also the shorthand term for "composition ornament", a general term for molded and cast mixtures composed variously from linseed oil, pitch, whiting, hide glue, and various binders and aggregates such as horsehair, hemp or dried clay. Decorative elements are cast from this material and applied to walls, ceilings, doors, and mantels for an overwhelming decorative effect.
  • Compo is also a slang word for compensation. In some countries there is a perceived culture of looking for monetary compensation for minor injuries as a form of income. In Australia the word is commonly used as slang for compensation, without any negative implications.

There were at least two companies called Compo:

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