No comply

The no comply is a skateboard move that was popularized by the skater Ray Barbee in the 1980s. The trick involves taking one's foot off the skateboard and moving the back foot up to create a kind of no-handed boneless. Then the front foot is lifted off the ground and leveled out landing in the original riding position.

This trick is usually done on flat ground and is almost non-existent in the world of skateboarding today. There are several variations including the no-comply flip and no-comply big spin.

A variation of this trick is performed by stepping off the board with your front foot, and popping the tail up off the ground while turning your body either frontside or backside 180 degrees, returning your front foot to the board once you've rotated. On the east coast, this is known as a "43", which is a slight variation of a no-comply. The 43 can be combined with other tricks; for instance, a 43-shifty, where the board is swung back around 180 degrees with the back foot, following the original 180 degree pivot.

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