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Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is the name of a group of international television series based on the format of the British series Strictly Come Dancing. Not all the international versions share this title. The format is distributed by BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC. Australia was the first country to adapt the BBC show, and versions have also been produced in the USA with Dancing with the Stars (U.S. TV series), Brazil, Bulgaria, Argentina , Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Panama, Peru, Romania, Russia, Serbia,Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, and Ukraine. The format has become popular internationally and was the world's most popular television programme across all genres in 2006, reaching the Top 10 in 17 countries. The show pairs a number of celebrities with professional ballroom dancers, who each week compete by performing dances, which are then given scores by a panel of judges. Viewers are given a certain amount of time to place votes on their favorite dancers, either by telephone or (in some of the shows) by the Internet. The couple with the lowest combined score (judges plus viewers) is eliminated and does not go on to the next week. This process continues until there are only two or three couples left, at which point one couple is declared the champion.

Franchise history

Cheryl Burke and Julianne Hough made Dancing With The Stars USA history by becoming the only professional dancers to win two championships, each. Furthermore, they both made Dancing With The Stars USA history by becoming the only professional dancers to win back to back titles. Cheryl Burke won her first Dancing With The Stars Championship with 98 Degrees boy band member Drew Lachey in the second season and won her second championship with NFL star Emmitt Smith in the third season. Julianne won her first championship with, Olympic Speed Skating Gold Medalist Apolo Anton Ohno in the fourth season and her second championship with Indy 500 Champion star Helio Castroneves in the fifth season. Raimondo won his first championship on the Italian version of Dancing With The Stars called Ballando Con Le Stelle with former Miss Italia and Television presenter Cristina Chiabotto in the series' second season. He won a second time with Olympic Long Jump Silver Medalist Fiona May during the third season of the show. In New Zealand, Stefano Olivieri was the first pro dancer to win the series twice in Season 3 with Suzanne Paul and Season 4 with Temepara George.

In New Zealand, Carol-Ann Hickmore is the only female pro dancer to win. She won the 1st season with former rugby player Norm Hewitt. Carol-Ann later became a judge in Season 2 and 3 after Season 1 judge Donna Dawson left.

Julianne Hough became the youngest dancer on Dancing with the Stars when she was partnered with Apolo Anton Ohno in the season four at age 18. Louisa Lytton (partnered with Vincent Simone) became the youngest competitor on Strictly Come Dancing aged just 17 during Series 4.

Kym Johnson, Tobias Karlsson, Ingrid Thompson, Stefano Olivieri, Brian Fortuna, and Csaba Szirmai have appeared on two different versions of Dancing with the Stars. Kym has danced on the U.S. and the Australian versions, while Tobias Karlsson appeared in the Danish and Swedish versions. Ingrid Beate Thompson appeared in the Norwegian and Swedish versions, while Csaba Szirmai and Stefano Olivieri appeared in the Australian and New Zealand versions. Brian Fortuna danced one season in the US with Shandi Finnessey, and has signed up to do Strictly Come Dancing.

Edyta Sliwinska is the only professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars to appear in every season. In the original UK format, Strictly Come Dancing, Anton du Beke, Erin Boag, Brendan Cole and Camilla Dallerup have appeared in every series thus far.

In the New Zealand version, Rebecca Nicholson is the only professional to have appeared in every season. She came (out of 8) 3rd in Season 1, 6th in Season 2, 5th in Season 3 and 4th in Season 4.

Jill Halfpenny and Darren Bennett were the first couple to ever receive a perfect forty score in the format on Strictly Come Dancing for the Jive in the series two finale.

Two competitors have presented a series of the format. The winner of series one Strictly Come Dancing, Natasha Kaplinsky stood in for Tess Daly, who was on maternity leave for series two (she co-presented with Bruce Forsyth), while the winner of season two of Dancing with the Stars Drew Lachey stood in for Samantha Harris, who was on maternity leave for season five (he co-presented with Tom Bergeron).

The lowest score ever given out in the Dancing with the Stars franchise history was a 1, which was giving out to Rodney Hide during his cha-cha.


Dancing with the Stars has aired on the Seven Network since late 2004 and is currently hosted by Daniel MacPherson and Sonia Kruger. In late 2007, previous host Daryl Somers left the series after seven seasons. For the first seven seasons, there were four judges:

  • Paul Mercurio, ballroom dancer and star of the Australian film, Strictly Ballroom. He did not participate in the 2008 season,
  • Todd McKenney, former Latin dance champion and theatre star. He stared as Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz.
  • Helen Richey, former international Latin champion and one of the world's leading coaches and most sought after adjudicators.
  • Mark Wilson, Five time Australian Dancesport champion and adjudicator.

Before the eighth season aired, Paul Mercurio was dropped from the judging panel.

The series has won the prestigious Logie Award, and has been named one of the most successful television programs to air on Australian television. The show averages around 2 million viewers a week nationally across Australia. The program was made by the BBC in conjunction with Granada but since season eight, has been produced by Freehand. The eighth season is currently being aired.



The first season of "Dancing Stars" started airing in Autumn of 2005 on ORF1, the second season started in Spring 2006, the third season in Spring of 2007 and the fourth season in 2008.

Dancing Stars hosts:
In Season 1, 2 and 3 the show was hosted by Alfons Haider (Main Host) and Mirjam Weichselbraun (Backstage and Interviews). In Season 4 Mirjam Weichselbraun replaced Alfons Haider and winner of Season 3 Klaus Eberhartinger took her place

Dancing Stars Jury:

the fourth judge changed each season

Season 1

In the first Season no couple had to leave the first show and only two pairs were left in the final show. In all other Seasons one couple had to leave the first show and three pairs were left in the final show.

Season 2


Couple EP 1 EP 2 EP 3 EP 4 EP 5 EP 6 EP 7 EP 8
Manuel & Kelly 25 29 34 35 34 36+34=70
Andreas & Julia 24 21 24 28 27 24+32=56
Nicole & Balázs 30 32 32 35 33 36+33=69
Hans & Elke 24 23 22 32 24 21+32=53
Simone & Alexander 28 27 29 33 27 28+32=60
Gregor & Michaela 23 30 32 31 30
Barbara & Alexander 24 29 29 32
Edi & Nicole 16 21 23
Ulrike & Manfred 29 26
Gerda & Andy 20

Season 3

Season 4

Special Episodes

One Week after the final of each Season a "Dancing Stars Best of" was aired and after the "Best of" of Season 3 there was a special episode called " Dancing Stars - Die Traumhochzeit" (Dancing Stars - the dreamwedding) in which the professional ballroom dancers Balázs Ekker and Alice Guschelbauer got married.


"Bailando por un sueño" is aired in a television programme called ShowMatch since April 17, 2006. It's hosted by Marcelo Tinelli.

Season 1

Since April 17, 2006. The winners of this season were Carmen Barbieri and Cristian Ponce.

Season 2

Since July 3, 2006. The winners of this season were Florencia de la V and Manuel Rodríguez.

Season 3

Since October 2, 2006. The winners of this season were Carla Conte and Guillermo Conforte.

Season 4

Since April 16, 2007. The winners of this season were Celina Rucci and Matias Sayago.

Season 5

Since April 14, 2008. in broadcast

World Champion

In Dancing With the Stars World Champion set in Mexico, Argentina won the 3rd place with the couple of Laura Fidalgo and Gustavo Rojas from "Bailando por un sueño" season 3.


"Dança dos Famosos" (en:Dance of the Famous) is aired in Brazil since November 20, 2005 on Sundays nights. It's hosted by Faustão.

The concept of the show is to pair a celebrity with a professional dancer in an attempt to win a high score from a panel of five judges and then a high number of votes from the audience.

The panel of judges changes every week and it is formed by three artistic judges and two professional judges.

Every Sunday, the couple with the lowest score is eliminated.


Season Winner Runner-Up Season Premiere Season Finale
1 Karina Bacchi & Fabiano Vivas Alexandre Barilari & Aline Phyrro November 20, 2005 December 18, 2005
2 Juliana Didone & Leandro Azevedo Kelly Key & Marcelo Chocolate February 12, 2006 March 26, 2006
3 Robson Caetano & Ivonete Liberatto Stepan Nercessian & Michelle Cerbino May 14, 2006 August 6, 2006
4 Rodrigo Hilbert & Priscila Amaral Elaine Mickely & Átila Amaral March 11, 2007 June 10, 2007
5 Christiane Torloni & Álvaro Reis Rafael Almeida & Jaqueline Fernandes February 24, 2008 May 11, 2008


El Baile en TVN ("The Ball on TVN") is aired in Televisión Nacional de Chile since October 16, 2006. It's hosted by Rafael Araneda and Karen Doggenweiler.

Season 1

Since October 16, 2006. The winners of this season were Juvenal Olmos and Claudia Miranda.

Season 2

Since March 5, 2007. The winners of this season were Cristian Arriagada and Paz Bustos.

Season 3

Since August 22, 2007. The winners of this season were Francisco Reyes and Irene Bustamante.

  • Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain (Argentine Top Model, partnered by Diego Heilig)
  • Maria Eugenia Larrain "Kenita Larrain" (Chilean Top Model, partnered by Rodrigo Escobar)
  • Amaya Forch (Chilean Singer and Actress, partnered by William Orrock)
  • Catalina Palacios (Entertainer of Infantile televising programs, partnered by Darwin Ruz)
  • Adrea Tessa (Chilean singer, partnered by Alfredo Araya)
  • Gianella Marengo (ex-reality show participant, partnered by Emilio Rubilar)
  • Leandro Martínez (Chilean singer and member of the televising program "Rojo Fama Contrafama", partnered by Maria Isabel Sobarzo)
  • Francisco Reyes (Chilean actor of the national television network TVN, partnered by Irene Bustamante)
  • Juan Pablo Matulic (ex-reality show participant, partnered by Francini Amaral)
  • Eliseo Salazar (Chilean Automovilistic Runner, partnered by Claudia Miranda)
  • Hotuiti Teao (Chilean model from Easter Island, partnered by Monica Valenzuela)
  • Carlos von Mühlenbrock (Chilean Chef and entertainer of Chilean televising programs, partnered by Viví Rodriguez)

Season 4

The winners of this season were Fernando Godoy and Paz Bustos.

The contestants of this season are :

Sebastian Ferrer (Stylist & panelist of T.V show "Pollo en conserva")

Mario Guerrero (Singer)

Sandra O Ryan (Actrees)

Reinaldo González (Military instructor of reality shows "Pelotón")

Cristian Riquelme (Actor)

Denisse Malebrán (Singer)

Fernando Godoy (Actor, comediant & T.V host)

Mariana Derderian (Actrees, singer & T.V host)

Sergio Vargas (Ex - football player)

Paola Camaggi (Model & T.V host)

Raquel "KEL" Calderón (Young actrees, singer, model & Panelist of TV shows)

Iván Torres ("The time men")

Rosita Parsons (Model)

China (including Hong Kong)

The Chinese version is a co-production between Hong Kong's TVB and the mainland's Hunan TV under licence from the BBC. It is available free-to-air in Hong Kong on TVB Jade. In mainland China it is aired on Hunan Satellite Television, which is free-to-air in Hunan, and available in urban areas throughout the rest of mainland China through widespread cable systems.

The Chinese title is difficult to translate, but could be rendered as Miracle Dancing or "Miracles of Dance Moves". The official English title is Strictly Come Dancing.

Each broadcaster provides five male and five female dancers, for a total of twenty. Pairs were determined by audience SMS votes.

The programme began airing in late 2007, in order to mark the 1997 handover of Hong Kong from the UK to the People's Republic of China.


The First Season of the show started September 2008, it is called "Dancing Stars" and is aired on bTV. The show is hosted by Radost Draganova and Todor Kolev.

Official Site


Hosted by Barbara Kolar and Duško Čurlić.


  • Elio Bašan
  • Milka Babović
  • Dinko Bogdanić
  • Davor Bilman

Official Site

Season 1

The first season of Ples sa zvijezdama ("Dancing with the Stars") started airing on December 2, 2006 on HRT1. The contestants were:

Highest score of the season (40):

  • Zrinka & Nicolas (Jive - 3rd episode)
  • Zrinka & Nicolas (Slowfox - 4th episode)
  • Maja & Ištvan (Paso Doble - 4th episode)
  • Maja & Ištvan (English Waltz - 6th episode)
  • Zrinka & Nicolas - total - 80 points (English Waltz & Paso Doble - 7th episode)
  • Maja & Ištvan (Slowfox - 7th epizode)
  • Zrinka & Nicolas - total - 120 points (English Waltz, Samba & Freestyle - final episode)
  • Rene & Mirjana (Freestyle - final episode)

Lowest score of the season:

  • Žarko & Ivana - 16 points (Samba - 5th episode)

Season 2

The second season of Ples sa zvijezdama ("Dancing with the Stars") started airing on November 3, 2007 on HRT1. The contestants were:

Highest score of the season (40):

  • Luka & Mirjana (Paso Doble - 6th episode)
  • Lana & Hrvoje - total - 80 points (Quickstep & Paso Doble - 7th episode)
  • Luka & Mirjana - total - 80 points (Tango & Cha-cha-cha - 7th episode)
  • Luka & Mirjana (Paso Doble & Freestyle - final episode)

Lowest score of the season:

  • Davor & Tamara - 20 points (Samba - 5th episode)

Season 3

The third season of Ples sa zvijezdama ("Dancing with the Stars") will start airing on October 25, 2008 on HRT1. The contestants are:

Czech Republic

Hosted by Tereza Kostková & Marek Eben.


  • Vlastimil Harapes (Season 1)
  • Richard Hes (Season 2)
  • Zdeněk Chlopčík (Season 1, 2)
  • Mahulene Bočanová (Season 2)
  • Tatiana Drexler (Season 2)

Season 1

The contestants were:

Season 2

The contestants were:

Season 3

Coming soon....


The first season of Vild med dans ("Mad about Dancing") was aired on the Danish TV-channel TV 2 in 2005 and the contestants were:

Season 1 Spring 2005

  • Mia Lyhne (actress) and Thomas Evers Poulsen (winners)
  • Erik Peitersen (TV-workman) and Marianne Eihilt
  • Klaus Bondam (comedian) and Soffie Dalsgaard
  • Jesper Skibby (racing cyclist) and Julia Petrovic
  • Stine Stengade (actress) and Lars Christensen
  • Marianne Flormann (handballplayer) and René Christensen
  • Sofie Stougaard (actress) and Tobias Karlsson

Season 2 Autum 2005

  • David Owe (actor) and Vickie Jo Ringgaard (winners)
  • Eskild Ebbesen (Olympic-winning oarsman) and Marianne Eihilt
  • Sisse Fisker (TV-hostess) and Steen Lund
  • Peter Mygind (actor) and Mie Moltke
  • Zindy Laursen (singer) and Tobias Karlsson
  • Bettina Aller (magazine editor) and René Christensen
  • Kim Milton (soccer referee) and Ann Wilson
  • Allan Olsen (actor) and Soffie Dalsgaard
  • Mayianne Dinesen (radio hostess) and Lars Christensen

Birthe Kjær (folk singer) and Bo Loft Jensen, went out because of health problems

Season 3 2006

  • Christina Roslyng (Olympic-winning handballplayer) and Steen Lund (winners)
  • Simon Mathew (singer) and Viktoria Franova
  • Nikolaj Christensen (singer) and Soffie Dalsgaard
  • Anna David (singer) and René Christensen
  • Ole Olsen (speedway racer) and Marianne Eihilt
  • Master Fatman (TV-DJ) and Mie Moltke
  • Annette Heick (singer/TV-hostess) and Thomas Evers Poulsen
  • Liv Corfixen (actress) and Mads Vad
  • Gert Bo Jacobsen (boxer) and Vickie Jo Ringgaard
  • Lærke Winther Andersen (actress) and Klaus Kongsdal

Season 4 2007

  • Robert Hansen (actor) and Marianne Eihilt (winners)
  • Vicki Berlin (comedian/actress) and Steen Lund/Jesper Dalsgaard
  • Rikke Hørlykke (Olympic-winning handballplayer) and Mads Vad
  • Lai Yde (actor) and Mie Moltke
  • Lisbeth Østergård (TV-hostess) and Thomas Evers Poulsen
  • Anne Louise Hassing (actress) and Michael Olesen
  • Said Chayesteh (actor) and Mette Georgio
  • Paula Larrain (TV-hostess) and René Christensen
  • Nicolai Moltke-Leth (military man) and Soffie Dalsgaard
  • Benedikte Hansen (actress) and Bo Loft Jensen

Joachim Boldsen (handballplayer) and Vickie Jo Ringgaard, went out because of health problems

Christmas Galla 2007

  • Simon Mathew and Viktoria Franova (winners)
  • David Owe and Vickie Jo Ringgaard)
  • Mia Lyhne and Thomas Evers Poulsen
  • Christina Roslyng and Steen Lund
  • Robert Hansen and Marianne Eihilt
  • Master Fatman and Mie Moltke

The three regular judges were: Anne Laksholm, Britt Bendixen, Jens Verner. Throught the shows there has been guestjudges.


The show is called "Tantsud tähtedega" ("Dances with the stars") and is aired on Kanal 2. 2nd season is hosted by Mart Sander and Merle Liivak.

Season 1

Autumn 2006

  1. Mikk Saar (singer) and Olga Kosmina (winners)
  2. Gerli Padar (singer) and Martin Parmas (2nd place)
  3. Erki Nool (athlete, Olympic gold medalist) and Ave Vardja (3rd place)
  4. Aivar Riisalu (businessman) and Kristina Tennokese
  5. Vilja Savisaar (politician) and Veiko Ratas
  6. Ingrid Tähismaa (journalist) and Aleksandr Makarov
  7. Reet Linna (singer, TV-presenter) and Eduard Korotin
  8. Indrek Tarand (politician) and Kaisa Oja

Season 2

Since October 7th, 2007

  1. Koit Toome (singer) and Kerttu Tänav - Winners
  2. Luisa Värk (singer) and Martin Parmas - Runners Up
  3. Peep Vain (top-instructor) and Olga Kosmina - 2nd Runners Up
  4. Andrus Värnik (athlete, World Championship gold medalist) and Kaisa Oja - 5th eliminated
  5. Dag Hartelius (Swedish ambassador to Estonia) and Kristina Tennokese - 4th eliminated
  6. Kristiina Ojuland (politician) and Aleksandr Makarov - 3rd eliminated
  7. Katrin Karismaa (actress) and Veiko Ratas - 2nd eliminated
  8. Beatrice (model) and Eduard Korotin - 1st eliminated


Season 1

The series (titled Tanssii tähtien kanssa (Dances with Stars); a pun on the title of the film Dances with Wolves, Tanssii susien kanssa) aired in spring 2006, featuring

Season 2

(spring 2007) featured

  • Mariko (musician) partnered by Aleksi Seppänen, eventual winners
  • Sari Siikander (actress) partnered by Mikko Ahti, runners-up
  • Sami Sarjula (actor) partnered by Sanna Hirvaskari, sixth eliminated
  • Eppu Salminen (actor) partnered by Anna Sainila, fifth eliminated
  • Jani Sievinen (swimmer) partnered by Helena Ahti-Hallberg, fourth eliminated
  • Vanessa Kurri (model, Miss Finland 1999) partnered by Marko Keränen, third eliminated
  • Roman Schatz (TV personality, writer) partnered by Saara Huovinen, second eliminated
  • Pirkko Arstila (journalist, writer) partnered by Vesa Anttila, first eliminated

Singer Kirill Babitzin was to take part in the competition, but he suddenly died on January 31. His place was taken by Schatz.

Season 3

(spring 2008) featured


The series is called Let's Dance. Season 1 aired in April 2006 on RTL. Season 2 aired in May 2007. Both seasons have been hosted by Hape Kerkeling & Nazan Eckes.

Contestants season 1

Contestants season 2

Further information : Let's Dance




Four season of the show, called Ballando con le Stelle, have been aired. The series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2004, featuring

The series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2005, featuring

The series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired Autumn 2006, featuring

The series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2007, featuring

The Netherlands

Series one was shown in Summer/Autumn 2005. It featured

Jim Bakkum was eventually declared the winner.

Series two is shown in Winter/Spring 2006. It features:

The finale will be aired 13-05-2006. The two contestants who got this far are Barbara de Loor and Winston Post. The winner was declared Barbara de Loor, who got the highest amount of points from the jury, and most votes as well.

On New Year's Eve 2005, a New Year's special was shown. It featured:

This was won by Tatjana Šimić and Koen Brouwers

Special Christmas and New Year's Eve 2006,with

Do and Koen Brouwers won this special.

On March 31 the third season will start. This will feature:

This was won by Helga van Leur and Marcus van Teijlingen

Scoring charts

Red numbers indicate the couples with the lowest score for each week.
Green numbers indicate the couples with the highest score for each week.
indicates the couples eliminated that week.
indicates the couple in the bottom 2 or 3.
indicates the winning couple.
indicates the runner-up couple.
indicates the third place couple.

Team Place 1 2 1+2 3 4 5 6 7
Jim & Julie 1 29 30 59 36 26 36 28+35=63
Irene & Marcus 2 24 31 55 31 35 33 33+38=71
Inge B & Remco 3 32 31 63 35 29 31 30+34=64 38+30=68
Joris & Euvgenia 4 25 19 44 24 32 27 21+25=46
Koert-Jan & Charissa 5 21 31 52 26 34 28
Inge I & Koen 6 23 32 55 27 26
Rudolph & Roemjana 7 27 25 52 28
Ans & Peter 8 27 26 53

Team Place 1 2 1+2 3 4 5 6 7
Barbara & Marcus 1 27 28 55 35 30 33 38+36=74 37+32=69
Winston & Euvgenia 2 30 30 60 29 38 35 33+37=70
Frits & Julie 3 32 27 59 33 31 31 32+40=72 29+36=65
John & Roemjana 4 23 27 50 25 29 22 31+25=56
Lieke & Remco 5 30 32 62 27 33 31
Edsilla & Peter 6 30 24 54 32 32
Myrna & Koen 7 24 21 45 24
Mike & Charissa 8 20 23 43

Team Place 1 2 1+2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Helga & Marcus 1 27 30 57 31 30 33 33+29=62 31+28=59 33+36=69
Christophe & Ilse 2 32 31 63 35 37 38 40+34=74 34+36=70 39+36=75
Nikkie & Peter 3 29 25 54 30 31 36 34+39=73 28+33=61 40+36=76
Bob & Euvgenia 4 24 23 47 27 27 28 32+27=59 28+27=55
Martijn & Roemjana 5 29 28 57 30 35 28 36+31=67
Bart & Kimberly 6 21 21 42 24 25 21
Aukje & Remco 7 28 29 57 31 34
Lodewijk & Charissa 8 16 20 36 18
Fabienne & Koen 9 26 30 56

New Zealand

Winners of Each Series:


The series was named Skal vi danse? (en: Shall We Dance?). The first Season was broadcasted in Winter/Spring 2006 on TV 2. It featured:

The Season Finale took place in March 2006. Winners were TV hostess Katrine Moholt and her partner Bjoern Wettre Holthe.

The professional jury in "Skal Vi Danse"s 1st Season were:

The second Season of Skal vi danse? (en: Shall We Dance?) premiered in September 2006. It featured:

The Season Finale took place on 24 November 2006. Winners were TV-producer/comedian/joke host Kristian Ødegård and his dancing partner Alexandra Kakurina.

The professional jury in "Skal Vi Danse"s 1st Season were:

In the spring of 2007, TV 2 will air a programme called Isdans (en: Figure Skating) , in which six celebrities have been paired with professional skaters. The show is similar to Dancing with the Stars, with the difference being that figure skating rather than ballroom dancing is performed. The participants are:

The third season was aired in the autumn 2007. It featured:

The fourth season, aired autumn 2008, features


The first season of "Taniec z Gwiazdami" ("Dancing with the Stars") aired in Poland on TVN in Spring of 2005, the second in Autumn of 2005, the third edition in Spring of 2006, the fourth edition in Autumn of 2006, the fifth edition in Spring of 2007, the sixth edition in Autumn 2007 and the seventh edition in Spring of 2008, soon the eighth season will be aired.

When on air, every Sunday the average of 5 - 7 million viewers tune in to watch the show. The highest rated episode was the second season finale with over 8 million people watching.

Winners of Each Series:


The show in Portugal is called Dança Comigo (Dance with Me). Aired by RTP1 the first season was hosted by Catarina Furtado and Silvia Alberto because Furtado was pregnant but season 2 and 3 were hosted by Furtado. The show presented celebrities like Ana Guiomar, Ana Rocha, Benedita Pereira, Carla Andrino, César Mourão, Cristina Homem de Melo, Dani, Daniela Ruah, Dina Aguiar, Edmundo Vieira, Heitor Lourenço, Hélio Pestana, Inês Castel-Branco, Isabel Figueira, João Baptista, João Cajuda, Joaquim Monchique, José Fidalgo, Liliana Santos, Luciana Abreu, Marina Mota, Merche Romero, Odete Santos, Paco Bandeira, Paula Neves, Paulo Rocha, Ricardo Guedes, Rita Pereira, Rodrigo Saraiva, Sofia Aparício, Sónia Araújo, Valentina Torres, Vitor de Sousa, Zé Diogo Quintela (from Gato Fedorento) and Nuno Baltazar.


  • 1st Season Daniela Ruah (Portuguese young actress)
  • 2nd Season Sónia Araújo (Portuguese talk show host)
  • 3rd Season Luciana Abreu (Portuguese young actress/singer)
  • 4th Season Cifrão (Portuguese actor/singer)


In Romania, the show is called Dansez pentru tine (I Dance For You). It is broadcast on ProTV and hosted by Ştefan Bănică, Jr. and Iulia Vîntur.

Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Season 1

First season Serbian-Montenegrin-Bosnian-Herzegovian version of Dancing with the Stars, called Dance to the dreams (Плесом до снова/Plesom do snova) ran October 24, 2007 to December 26. 2007 on RTV Pink(SRB),Pink M(MNE) and Pink BH(BiH)

Hosted by Nataša Stojčević and Boško Jakovljević


  1. Tanja Vojtehovski-Stefanov
  2. Goran Knežević
  3. Lokica Stefanović
  4. Gordana Oreščanin

Contestants :

  1. Bane Mojićević (folk singer) with Danka Krstić - eliminated in the semifinal by Milan Kalinić and Gordana Veselinović
  2. Milenko Pavlov (actor) with Mirjana Prodanović-Kika - eliminated in the 3th episode by Silvija Nedeljković and Marko Sekulić
  3. Silvija Nedelković (folk singer) with Marko Sekulić
  4. Milan Kalinić (actor and TV host) with Gordana Veselinović - runner up
  5. Jellena (pop singer) with Saša Stepanović
  6. Branislav Lečić (actor and former serbian ministar of cultura) with Jelena Marković
  7. Tijana Dapčević (pop singer) with Vojislav Kaluđerović - WINNERS
  8. Darko Panović (TV host) with Marija Živanović
  9. Danijel Alibabić (pop singer) with Anja Samardžija
  10. Slavica Ćukteraš (folk singer) with Ivan Marinković

Season 2

Second season of serbian-montenegrin-bosnian-herzegovian version of Dancing with stars called Plesom do snova(Dance to dreams) ran March 5, 2008 to May 07, 2008 on RTV Pink(SRB),Pink M(MNE) and Pink BH(BiH).

Hosted by Nataša Stojčević and Boško Jakovljević


  1. Lokica Stefanović
  2. Goran Knežević
  3. Tanja Jordović
  4. Gordana Oreščanin


  1. Romana Panić (pop singer) with Janko Mudri - eliminated in the 6th episode by Miki Đ and Jelena
  2. Dragiša Milojković (actor) with Sloboda Mrvić - eliminated in the 7th episode by Miki Đuričić and Jelena
  3. Sanja Papić (fashion disagner) with Vladimir Bošković - eliminated in the 5th episode by Miki Đ. and Jelena
  4. Marko Stojanović (actor) with Jasmina Kostadinović eliminated in the 4th episode by Cakana and Miloš
  5. Kalina Kovačević (actor) with Dušan Kaličanin
  6. Miki Perić (TV host and pop singer) with Aleksandra Petros
  7. Dragica Radosavljević-Cakana (folk singer) with Miloš Kablar
  8. Miki Đuričić (Former houstmant of Veliki brat(Big Brother) with Jelena Živanić
  9. Ana Kokić (folk singer) with Uroš Ašćerić - runner up
  10. Ognjen Amidžić (TV host and pop singer) with Dragana Krdu - WINNERS

Season 3

Third season started September 24, 2008.

  1. Stevan Anđelković (folk singer)
  2. Goca Tržan (pop singer)
  3. Srđan Karanović (actor)
  4. Anabela (pop singer)
  5. Peđa d Boy (pop singer)
  6. Katarina Sotirović (pop singer)
  7. Ivan Zeljković (TV host)
  8. Milica Todorović (folk singer)
  9. Gagi
  10. Suzana Mančić (TV host)


The Swedish version is called "Let's Dance" and is produced by MTV Mastiff. Both seasons were hosted by Agneta Sjödin and David Hellenius. One of the popular judges is the British dance teacher, Tony Irving. The series had a large audience, and with almost 2 million viewers the final gave TV4 the highest rating for that Friday evening. It was the first time since 1997 that TV4 had more viewers than the public service company SVT's perennially popular music game show "Så skall det låta". In September 2006, it won the Swedish equivalent of the Emmy award, Kristallen (The Crystal), in the Entertainment category. The second season started broadcasting in January 2007 and airs every Friday.

First season (January-March 2006) on TV4

  • Måns Zelmerlöw (singer) partnered by Maria Karlsson - winners
  • Anna Book (singer) partnered by David Watson - ninth eliminated, second place
  • Viktor Åkerblom Nilsson (actor) partnered by Carin da Silva - eighth eliminated, third place
  • Arja Saijonmaa (singer) partnered by Tobias Karlsson - seventh eliminated
  • Peppe Eng (sports journalist) partnered by Malin Watson - sixth eliminated
  • Kishti Tomita (jury member in the Swedish Idol) partnered by Tobias Wallin - fifth eliminated
  • Tone Bekkestad (Norwegian TV-weather reporter) partnered by Peter Broström - fourth eliminated
  • Paolo Roberto (former professional boxer) partnered by Helena Fransson - third eliminated
  • Carolina Gynning (winner of Swedish Big Brother 2004) partnered by Daniel da Silva - second eliminated
  • Melker Andersson (star chef) partnered by Ingrid Beate Thompson - first eliminated

Carin Da Silva and Daniel Da Silva are siblings. Daniel is the older of the two, having been born in 1981; Carin was born in 1984.

Second season (January 2007) on TV4

  • Martin Lidberg (wrestler) partnered by Cecilia Erling - winners
  • Tobbe Blom (TV-host och magician) partnered by Annika Sjöö - eleventh eliminated, second place
  • Erica Johansson (athlete) partnered by Daniel da Silva – tenth eliminated, third place
  • Lasse Brandeby (actor) partnered by Ann Lähdet – ninth eliminated
  • Ebba Hultkvist (actress) partnered by Jonathan Näslund - eighth eliminated
  • Anna Sahlin (singer) partnered by Tobias Karlsson - seventh eliminated
  • Yvonne Ryding (Miss Universe 1984) partnered by Tobias Wallin – sixth eliminated
  • Harald Treutiger (TV-host) partnered by Maria Karlsson - fifth eliminated
  • Patrick Ekwall (TV-sport reporter) partnered by Carin da Silva - fourth eliminated
  • Malou von Sivers (TV-hostess) partnered by Björn Törnblom - third eliminated
  • Mårten Andersson (comedian) partnered by Helena Fransson - second eliminated
  • Birgitte Söndergaard (actress and artist) partnered by Johan Andersson- first eliminated

The winners Martin Ledberg and Cecilia Erling became a couple during the running of the show and participated in the Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007 where they ended in a 14th place.

Singer and entertainer Markoolio was supposed to compete in the second season, but broke his foot and was replaced by Tobias Blom. Actor Emil Forselius chose to leave the show before start. Mårten Andersson replaced him.'

Third season (January 2008) on TV4

  • Tina Nordström (TV-chef) partnered by Tobias Karlsson - winners
  • Tony Rickardsson (speedway driver) partnered by Annika Sjöö - eleventh eliminated, second place
  • Karl Petter Bergvall (star of Bonde söker fru (Farmer seeking wife)) partnered by Jeanette Carlsson - tenth eliminated
  • Danny Saucedo (singer) partnered by Malin Johansson - ninth eliminated
  • Mats "Matte" Carlsson (TV-carpenter) partnered by Carin da Silva - eighth eliminated
  • Linda Lampenius (musician) partnered by Daniel da Silva - seventh eliminated
  • Mi Ridell (actress) partnered by Johan Andersson - sixth eliminated
  • Richard Herrey (singer) partnered by Cecilia Ehrling - fifth eliminated
  • Dilba Demirbag (singer)partnered by Tobias Wallin - fourth eliminated
  • Susanne Lanefelt (TV-exercise instructor) partnered by Björn Törnblom - third eliminated
  • Tilde Fröling (model) partnered by Alfred Palmgren - second eliminated
  • Ulf "Uffe" Larsson (actor) partnered by Christina Samuelsson - first eliminated


The show in Turkey is called Bak Kim Dans Ediyor (Look, Who is Dancing). Aired by the channel Show TV in 13 weeks on Friday nights from April 6 through June 29, 2007, it was hosted by Şebnem Dönmez, a movie and TV series actress. 11 celebrities competed with their professional dancer partners in various international dance genres like Salsa, Tango, Jive, Broadway Jazz, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Hip-Hop, Funk and in Turkish folk dances Horon, Oriental and Romani as well. The winner was awarded a prize of TRY100,000 (around US$83,000).


  • Asuman Krause (model)
  • Doğa Bekleriz (model)
  • Demet Tuncer (pop singer)
  • Billur Kalkavan (model)
  • Bengü (pop singer) (the winner)
  • Banu Zorlu (pop singer)
  • Sami Levi (soloist at Group Seferad)
  • Cemil Özeren (rock singer and guitarist at Group Ayna)
  • Berksan (pop singer)
  • Fatih Cansız (2005 Best Model)
  • Zaza Enden (basketball player)


In Ukraine show started at September 2006 on television channel 1+1 under name "Танці з зірками" ("Tantsi z zirkamy") which stands for "Dances With The Stars". The show was hosted by Yuriy Horbunov and Tina Karol. The star contestants were paired with famous Ukrainian dancers, who had won major international competitions. The winners of the show were awarded with the tour to the Rio Carnival, while the runners-up went to the Carnival on Cuba. The show was extremely popular with Ukrainian viewers. The show finale held on the November 26, 2006 had the TV rating of 26.83% with the share of 54.64%, meaning that the quarter of Ukrainian population and more than half of all TV viewers at that moment watched the finale. The show overall was watched by nearly 16 million Ukrainians. The pair of Volodymyr Zelenskyy (member and the leader of famous Ukrainian comic troup) and Olena Shoptenko won the main prize.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, where the show originated, it is known as Strictly Come Dancing.

United States

The American version of Dancing with the Stars premiered in the summer of 2005. Presently, it is in its seventh season.

Other countries

The Russian show is called "Танцы со звездами" (Tantsi so zvezdami). The first season which started in 2005 became extremely popular. Currently the second season is in progress. The format of the show is identical to that of other countries. Each pair comprises a famous celebrity and a professional dancer.

The German show is called Let's Dance.

The Danish show is called Vild Med Dans. Its fourth season ended November 16, 2007.

The Indian version is called Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. It was first broadcast in September 2006 on Sony Entertainment Television (SET). A lot of people confuse Dancing With The Stars with Nach Baliye which airs on StarPlus Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa have similar content and presentation but there are minor differences in the concept. The celebrity dancers on Nach Baliye are real life couples, and work with an assigned choreographer. The dancers on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa has one celebrity paired with a trained dancer/choreographer. A notice at the end of the show verifies that the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is indeed a version of Dancing With The Stars.

The Japanese version is called Shall We Dance? It has the same title as the 1996 movie. It is currently in its fourth season.

The Malaysian version is called "Malam Sehati Berdansa". Its first episode premiers November 10, 2007.

A Slovakian version is called Let's Dance and was broadcasted by TV Markiza in autumn 2006 presented by Adela Banasova and Martin „Pyco“ Rausch (both presented also Slovensko hľadá SuperStar on STV in 2005 and 2006). The winners were Zuzana Fialová (slovak famous actress) and Peter Modrovský (professional dancer).

It has been rumored that Greece, Lebanon (which was cancelled because of the war, but now brought back), and Thailand will have a Dancing with the Stars show by late 2007. Hong Kong might also have plans to do the show.

The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico did local version called "¿Quien Baila Mejor?" or in English "Who Dances The Best?" which consisted of both countries competing with amateur dancers for winning a prize of 25,000 USD and a brand new jeep. The show was won by the host country Dominican Republic. A second season is expected to air in late September 2008.

World Championship

In 2007, the first edition of the Dancing with the Stars World Championship took place. Countries which took part in the event, staged in Mexico, included teams Romania, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Slovakia, Panama, Paraguay and Ecuador. The winner of the event was the host nation, Mexico.


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On the Dancing with the Stars 5 Finals performance show, the three final couples performed two dances each. The couples performed a brand new routine of a dance style selected by the judges and a freestyle dance. After a strong season, it turned out to be one of the worst Dancing with the Stars Finals performance shows ever, and the judges were often disappointed. for more info go to

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