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Power Company

The Power Company was a team of professional superheroes-for-hire in the DC Comics universe. The team, created by Kurt Busiek and Tom Grummett, first appeared in JLA 61, (February 2002). They subsequently starred in an epoynmous series that ran for eighteen issues, from April 2002 to September 2003, also written by Busiek.


Josiah Power was one of America’s best lawyers until his meta-gene was triggered during the alien Invasion by the activation of the Gene Bomb.

Following the untimely public activation of his metagene in the court room, attorney Josiah Power was dismissed from his law firm. Power had little interest in becoming a traditional costumed hero, but it became readily apparent that he could not continue to practice law without undue public attention. He capitalized on his professional experience to organize a for-hire team of heroes much along the lines of a law firm. Their very first mission as a team was against the East Asian criminal organization known as the Black Dragon Society. They successfully defused a hostage situation initiated by the Society and returned to their base of operations.


The Power Company had several superpowered partners and associates, as well a support staff dedicated to day to day corporate operations. These included:


  • Josiah Power - Managing Partner. Josiah is most likely the most powerful member of Power Company, but rarely accompanies the team in the field. The exact nature of his abilities have never been fully explored. Superman said he is one of the most powerful metas he's ever met. Josiah lives with his partner Rupe outside of San Francisco.
  • Manhunter (Kirk DePaul) - Partner. A mercenary clone of Manhunter Paul Kirk. Now deceased, slain by Mark Shaw.
  • Skyrocket (Celia Forrestal) - Partner. Skyrocket, a former Navy officer who inherited the energy manipulating Argo Harness from her murdered parents. Skyrocket used the Argo Harness to become a respected hero, and was later recruited to enhance the credibility to the Power Company.
  • Witchfire (Rebecca Carstairs) - Partner. A magic user, and popular entertainer star of film and pop music videos. Recently discovered that she was actually a plant based homunculi.


  • Bork (Carl Andrew Bork) - Associate. A reformed villain, he is the team's gentle giant.
  • Firestorm (Ronald Raymond) - Associate. The Nuclear Man briefly joined the power company.
  • Sapphire (Candace Jean Gennaro) - Associate. Underaged runaway powered by a psycho-reactive alien gem called the Serpent's Egg which appears to tap her latent telekinetic abilities.
  • Striker Z (Daniel Tsang) - Associate. A former Hong Kong stuntman, turned human battery and superstrong martial artist.

Support crew

  • Charlie Lau - Former employee of S.T.A.R. Labs Hong Kong, Charlie now serves as the group's resident technical support specialist.
  • Raul - Pilot of the Company Car, the firm's multi-million dollar airship.
  • Silver Shannon - Josiah's personal assistant, former lead singer of the Maniaks.
  • Garrison Slate - Interim Administrator. CEO of S.T.A.R. Labs San Francisco.

Other Corporate Teams

Other corporate superhero teams have been active in the DC Comics universe. The most well known are the Conglomerate, the Blood Pack, Hero Hotline and the Captains of Industry.

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