[kuh-myoon-l-iz-uhm, kom-yuh-nl-]
''See also Communalism (South Asia).

In many parts of the world, communalism is a modern term that describes a broad range of social movements and social theories which are in some way centered upon the community. Communalism can take the form of communal living or communal property, among others. Communalism is defined as a theory of a society that is divided into several small, independent communes and the state is just a confederation of these communes.

Communalism is often associated with various branches of socialism, especially communism (and, in particular, religious communism or primitive communism) and anarchism. The term "communalism" is often used instead of "communism" as a way to denote those communal societies that are not based on Marxism.

It is sometimes said to put the interests of the community above the interests of the individual, but this is usually only done on the principle that the community exists for the benefit of the individuals who participate in it, so the best way to serve the interests of the individual is through the interests of the community.

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