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Common Authentication Service Adapter

CASA is an open source component infrastructure for securely storing credential and other confidential data that can be used for authentication, single sign-on (SSO) and other purposes by users, services and applications on a desktop or server operating system.


   * Open Source and part of the SUSE distribution (Also available on Windows).
   * Credential service for Enabling applications to single sign-On.
   * Leverages the Desktop identity and login for access control.
   * Scalable and fault tolerant.
   * Cross-platform support (Linux, and Windows).
   * Supports managing multiple identity repositories (GKring, KWallet, FireFox Password Manager).
   * Provides a storage (vault) for credentials and secrets.
   * Supports multiple authentication schemes.
   * Forward compatible.
   * Network Authentication component is token based.
   * Provides the ability for a single point of management for multiple credential stores.
   * Supports session based or presistant storage for credentials.
   * Supports sharing of credentials.
   * Supports linking of credentials among different stores.

CASA is Not

   * A Network or desktop login infrastructure.
   * Mechanisms/APIs for changing and setting passwords in applications.
   * Application login policy enforcer

Novell ships the Common Authentication Service Adapter (CASA) PAM module with its Linux desktop and server products. In a default installation, the CASA PAM module is configured for use with the XDM, GDM, login, and SSH services.

Bandit Project CASA

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