commercial credit company

Ford Motor Credit Company

Ford Motor Credit Company is the financial services arm of Ford Motor Company, and is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.

Its business activities are concentrated primarily in the area of automobile loans in support of its parent company. The company offers consumer loans and leases to car buyers, as well as business loans and lines of credit to dealerships selling Ford Motor Company products. The firm also issues commercial paper and other debt instruments on Ford's behalf.

Ford Credit, as it is popularly known, is analogous to GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation), the credit and lending arm of competitor General Motors.

Ford Credit also owns PRIMUS Financial Services, formerly known as Primus Automotive Financial Services. PRIMUS specializes in non-Ford financing by providing private-label financing to other Ford owned but not Ford badged brands such as Mazda, Jaguar, Volvo, and Land Rover.

Primus was formerly known as Marine Midland Automotive Financial services (MMAFC) and was owned by Marine Midland Bank of Buffalo, New York. Ford Credit bought MMAFC in 1990 and moved the headquarters to Nashville and later Franklin, Tennessee.

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