Commercial art

Commercial art

Commercial art is a subsector of creative services, and refers to art created for commercial purposes, primarily advertising.

The skills that are needed to be a good commercial artist are the ability to organize information, knowledge of fine arts, visualization, originality, knowledge of media, and ability to communicate well. Usually, the art department is small; consisting of art directors, perhaps an assistant director, and a small staff of design and product workers. Because commercial artists work with a variety of people under sometimes stressful situations, they must be resilient, efficient, and able to relate well with people.

Commercial artists normally work standard hours and workdays. Overtime may be required to finish big projects or to meet unchangeable deadlines in the news or motion picture media. Vacation, sick leave, health related insurance, and retirement plans are common benefits for full-time employees. People who work on a contract usually do not get these benefits.

Commercial art can include many genres of art and categories of art technique, including:

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