Command Post Tango

Command Post Tango is the underground military bunker that would be the nerve center for U.S. military operations should a war with North Korea ever occur. It is located in South Korea. Condoleezza Rice visited the bunker in her March 2005 trip to six Asian nations. This was viewed by many as a very provocative move, threatening North Korea.

Command Post Tango stands for Tactical Air Navel Ground Operations Center (TANGO). During the war it was decided with Seoul being so close to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) the Command Staff needed a safe and secure facility outside of Seoul. With the fear of a nuclear attack CP TANGO built deep into a granite mountain provided a nuclear proof facility to conduct the art of war and direct American Forces. The CP was built right after the Korean War at a cost of millions; it is one of a series of Command Bunkers built during the Cold War. There are more Command Posts scattered across the globe in Europe, America, Hawaii and the far east. Command Post Tango is built into a granite mountain deep enough to withstand a nuclear attack. It is fully self-contained with one main eating facility capable of feeding 2,000 troops, four times a day for an indeterminate amount of time. CP Tango works around the clock and maintains a joint staff comprising American forces and South Korean forces. It has a general’s mess with separate sleeping quarters for general officers. CP Tango has its own water, power plant, air purification system, mess facility, general’s mess, food storage, field hospital, communications detachment, military intelligence detachment and huge fuel supply. The security guard force is comprised of highly trained and elite infantry soldiers who usually have more than one year in Korea. Most U.S. troops have extended their tour in Korea to serve at CP Tango. It is secured by the infantry troops 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Huge nuclear blast doors protect the two main entrances to the facility and the guard force secures the entrances and surrounding installation.

This facility houses all the latest intelligence equipment and this Command and Control facility interfaces with the separate alternate field Command Tactical Operating Centers (TOCS)in Korea. During all major field exercises Command Post TANGO is the hub and center of activity for thousands of staff officers and troops. South Korean Staff operates jointly at CP TANGO.

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