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The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most (One Tree Hill episode)

"The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most" is the second episode of the television series One Tree Hill, which premiered on the The Warner Bros. Television Network on September 30, 2003. It introduces the first appearance of the character of Brooke Davis (played by Sophia Bush).


Lucas blows his first varsity game and decides to quit the team. The wedge between Nathan and Peyton continues to grow after Peyton tires of Nathan’s jabs at Lucas. Meanwhile, Keith forces Karen to deal with her feelings for Dan after she refuses to step foot in the high school gym to support her son. Lucas learns Peyton’s artistic talent, even though she doesn’t seem ready to inform the world about it.

Plot Overview

It Starts with Lucas on the court with riverside court with his friends Skills, Mouth, e.t.c. They explain to him that no matter what they are coming to his first varsity basketball game that evening. Then it shows, Keith asking Karen if she wants to go to the game with him and Haley and she says she would rather keep her cafe open, which Haley tells Keith it's because she doesn't want to go face to face with Dan, to which Keith tells Karen she has to get over it for Lucas.

In the locker room Whitey tells Lucas that he has to play just like he did in training and he's happy he's on the team. When the game starts Lucas is having trouble and keeps messing up on the court ending with him being benched, to which Nathan laughs at him.

After the opening credits, it shows Payton making out with Nathan in the back of a car, to which he keeps ruining the moment by complaining about Lucas, which makes her upset which finally ends with her leaving. Later on Keith goes to Karen and tells her she should have been there and that Lucas really needed her. She tells Keith that she should have been there but she thought she was over being around Dan but, she isn't.

Lucas is at Riverside and is having trouble with his shot. Peyton turns up and tells him that it is just a game and he shoulden't care, when her cheering him up fails he asks if she wants a ride. Dan is watching the game on TV and,




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