come along

Complex Party Come Along Theories

Complex Party Come Along Theories is an album by the band Grandaddy released on cassette tape in 1994. It was a self-release by the band limited to 200 copies. It features only the band's three founding members, Jason Lytle, Kevin Garcia, and Aaron Burtch.

Track listing

  1. "Away Birdies with Special Sounds"
  2. "Taster"
  3. "Nebraska"
  4. "Could This Be Love"
  5. "Flairless"
  6. "Kim You Bore Me To Death"
  7. "Egg Hit And Jack Too"
  8. "Call Girl Call"
  9. "Black Bats"
  10. "Michael Barry"
  11. "No Title"
  12. "Worship P"
  13. "You Drove your Car into a Moving Train"

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