Come Across

Come Across

Come Across is the fifth album by Australian indie pop band Bluebottle Kiss, released in 2003.


  1. Scouthall
  2. Everything begins and ends at exactly the right time
  3. Something tiny
  4. Last playboy in town
  5. Slow train to a comfy jail
  6. Can I keep you?
  7. So slow
  8. Sisters head on
  9. Cross purpose
  10. Crawling with ants
  11. Ministry of fear

Limited edition release including second disc "The Cutting Floor"

  1. Goodnight believer
  2. Your snow
  3. Farewell the sleeping trucks
  4. Runaway horse
  5. To the lighthouse
  6. Pruning the friend tree
  7. A distant love
  8. Underneath the pier
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