Acanthastrea echinata

Acanthastrea echinata, also known as Pineapple coral, Artichoke coral, Starry cup coral, and Favia, is a popular coral often used in aquariums.

Aquarium Information

Colonies are massive and cerioid, with laterally compressed corallites of uneven height. Walls are acute: septa are thick, with large teeth. Columellae are barely developed. Colonies have a thick fleshy mantle which is covered by fine papillae. Colour: Very colourful: red, purple and green are the most common colours, with corallites and walls almost always of contrasting colours. Similar species: Micromussa amakusensis. Habitat: Shallow reef environments especially of subtropical localities. Abundance: Sometimes common.


Acanthastrea echinata. Australian Institute of Marine Science. Retrieved on 2007-08-14..

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