"Sha-La-La-La-Lee" was the third song released by English R&B influenced group Small Faces on January 28, 1966 reaching number three in the UK Singles Chart.

Due to the UK Chart failure of the group's previous song release, the Marriott/Lane composition "I've Got Mine" Don Arden decided to bring in well-known songwriters Kenny Lynch and Mort Shuman to make sure the group's next single was a success, determined that Small Faces not be one hit wonders.

The highly commercial sounding song proved a big hit and reached number three in the UK singles chart. Despite the success of "Sha-La-La-La-Lee" the band never really liked the song and felt it did not represent their sound, which was more blues and soul oriented.

The song was seen by some as the beginning of the end for the Small Faces; it was following the release of this song that the group became often viewed in the music press as just another teenybopper band, who should not be taken as seriously as some of their contemporaries, such as The Who and Rolling Stones. Whereas previously their fans tended to be music-mad mods, their following now included young teenage girls who were more interested in the good looks of the young male musicians than in their music. At many of their concerts, the band could not even be heard above the girl fans' loud and constant screaming. This situation would ultimately end in Marriott becoming so disenchanted that he would finally leave The Small Faces in a bid to be seen as a serious musician and form his next group, the heavier rock and blues-sounding Humble Pie.

Small Faces performed "Sha-La-La-La-Lee" live for the Dick Clark show in the United States, telerecorded from the UK.


The B-Side "Grow Your Own" written by the band, is much more in keeping with the Small Faces sound. The song is an instrumental recording and strongly influenced in style by Booker T. & the M.G.'s whom all the group were big fans. "Grow Your Own" heavily features Ian McLagan on the Hammond organ.

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