Color chart

Color chart

In color-related fields, a color chart is a physical arrangement of standardized color samples, used for color comparisons and measurements such as in checking the color reproduction of an imaging system such as a camera.

A well-known and commonly used color chart is the Munsell ColorChecker—first produced as the Macbeth ColorChecker in 1976 and still widely known as the GretagMacbeth ColorChecker—a cardboard-framed arrangement of twenty-four squares of painted samples based on Munsell colors. Its maker Munsell Labs and parent GretagMacbeth were acquired in 2006 by X-Rite, a color management and colorimetry company.

Other color charts include the Perfect-Pixs Color Patches Card, the Kodak Q-13 and Q-14 Color Control Patches, and the IT8 target made by several companies including Kodak,, and FujiFilm.


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