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Colonial Goose

Colonial Goose

Colonial Goose is the name for a preparation of roast leg of lamb popular as a dish in New Zealand until the last quarter of the 20th century.

Early colonial pioneers in New Zealand had sheep aplenty, but goose was relatively scarce. To prepare dishes similar to those they had back home in the old country the pioneers were very inventive. Colonial Goose is now a recognised classic, with some restaurants featuring it as a main attraction at midwinter festivities (June 21 in NZ). It involves the careful boning out a leg of lamb, stuffing it with honey and dried apricots, (in addition to traditional stuffing based on breadcrumbs, onion, parsley and chives) and then marinating it in a red wine based marinade which even gives it the appearance of goose when cooked.

With the more cosmopolitan changes in the New Zealand tastes, colonial goose has become largely obsolete on today's dinner tables.

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