[kuh-lin-see-uh, -zee-uh]
Collinsia is also a spider genus in the Linyphiidae family.

Collinsia is a genus of about 25 species of annual flowering plants, consisting of the Blue-eyed Marys and the Chinese Houses. It was traditionally placed in the snapdragon family Scrophulariaceae, but following recent research in molecular genetics, it has now been placed in a much enlarged family Plantaginaceae.

The genus is endemic to North America, and is named in honour of Zacchaeus Collins, a Philadelphia botanist of the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century. There are about 20 species, many of them found in California.

Two species, Collinsia parviflora and Collinsia violacea, the Smallflower Blue-eyed Mary and the Violet Blue-eyed Mary, had medicinal uses among American Indian peoples.

Species include:

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