Daksh (Technical Festival)

Daksh is the name of the Annual National Level Technical Summit organized by the students of SASTRA UNIVERSITY, Tanjore, India. The word "daksh" is derived from the sanskrit word roughly referring to a polymath. This technical festival is usually conducted in the months of February and March during which a wide range of contests, guest lectures and workshops are organized. The event encompasses many facets of Engineering and management. Open house events like Clan gaming, quizzes, mini symposiums, etc are also conducted during DAKSH.

The fest was inaugurated in February-March 2007. The second edition of this fest was held from the 25th to 27th of Feb-2008 and became the second largest Tech-Fest of South India, witnessing a 600 percent increase in participation, just around two years since the first rendezvous.

THE DAKSH LOGO The DAKSH logo represents a golden homunculus reaching out for a solar disc positioned directly above, and is thought to represent the heights achievable by perseverance. It is fondly called "The DAKSH man" by the students of the University and was first used in DAKSH'07, colligating the caption- transcending horizons, which was used that year.

The technical contests are grouped under certain categories called clusters. The categorization is generally based upon the branch of engineering the event involves. There are seven clusters in all which include Comp-sense, Chromoxone, ElectronIQ, Envisage, Nirmaan, Robotricks and Shunyakal.

This cluster regards the intricacies of computer science and information technology. The competitions conducted involve the areas of Programming, Web-page designing, Animation, Logic and Computer Architecture.

A gamut of bio related events take place in this cluster. The fields of life sciences concerned are Biotechnology, Bio-informatics, Biomedical engineering and the like. The contests include the creation of working models, technical quizzes, protein modeling and bioinformatics programming.

All events concerning Electrical and Electronics Engineering are aggrouped under ElectronIQ.

Envisage is the cluster pertaining to the challenges in the management and business arena. Includes paper and idea presentations, problem solving and organizational schemes.

The word "nirmaan" is derived from the sanskrit word meaning "to build". This cluster relates to the branches of civil and mechanical engineering.

Involves the design and construction of autonomous and manual robots that are required to perform particular tasks given in the problem statements.

"Shunyakal" is a sanskrit word meaning "The zeroth hour/time" and this cluster does not relate to any particular branch of engineering. The contests conducted are extemporaneous.

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