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List of Senators of the College of Justice

The Senators of the College of Justice, and the Chairman of the Scottish Land Court (who ranks as a Senator), in order of appointment:

  1. The Rt Hon. Lord Osborne
  2. The Rt Hon. Lord Gill (Lord Justice Clerk)
  3. The Rt Hon. Lord Hamilton (Lord Justice General and Lord President of the Court of Session)
  4. The Hon. Lord McGhie (Chairman of the Scottish Land Court)
  5. The Rt Hon. Lord Nimmo Smith
  6. The Rt Hon. Lord Kingarth
  7. The Hon. Lord Bonomy (Judge of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia)
  8. The Hon. Lord Eassie
  9. The Rt Hon. Lord Reed
  10. The Rt Hon. Lord Wheatley
  11. The Rt Hon. Lady Paton
  12. The Hon. Lord Carloway
  13. The Hon. Lord Clarke
  14. The Rt Hon. The Lord Hardie
  15. The Rt Hon. The Lord Mackay of Drumadoon
  16. The Hon. Lord McEwan
  17. The Hon. Lord Menzies
  18. The Hon. Lord Drummond Young (Chairman of the Scottish Law Commission)
  19. The Hon. Lord Emslie
  20. The Hon. Lady Smith
  21. The Hon. Lord Brodie
  22. The Hon. Lord Bracadale
  23. The Hon. Lady Dorrian
  24. The Hon. Lord Hodge
  25. The Hon. Lord Macphail
  26. The Hon. Lord Glennie
  27. The Hon. Lord Kinclaven
  28. The Hon. Lord Turnbull
  29. The Rt Hon. The Lady Clark of Calton
  30. The Hon. Lord Brailsford
  31. The Hon. Lord Uist
  32. The Hon. Lord Malcolm
  33. The Hon. Lord Matthews
  34. The Hon. Lord Woolman

Retired judges who still sit on a temporary basis

There are also some retired judges who still sit occasionally in the Court of Session or the Court of Criminal Appeal to hear cases if needed when there is a shortage of available judges. They are also called Senators of the College of Justice.

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