Collapse! is a series of puzzle game published in 1999 by the software company GameHouse.


The gameplay is a mixture between SameGame and Tetris. Every x seconds (depending the level) a new line with colored bricks (3 colors on the first 4 levels, 4 colors all levels afterwards) appears from the bottom of the screen and moves the whole field up. By clicking on a group of 3 or more same-colored bricks, the whole group disappears, and the hole is filled first by the elements falling from above. If a whole column is cleared, the elements slide to the center of the field. If the blocks rise to the top of the board, the game is over.

In higher levels of the game, "bombs" appear, mixed among the bricks. The bombs are either black (in which case clicking on them causes the surrounding section of bricks to disappear), or are the color of one of the groups of bricks (in which case clicking on the bomb eliminates all bricks on the board that are the same color). Black bombs have the additional quality of serving as a bridge between brick of the same color; if two or more bricks of the same color are touching a bomb, then clicking one of those bricks has the same effect of clicking on a group of three or more bricks of the same color.

When a player completes a certain number of "even-numbered" levels (i.e., from level 2, 4, 8, 10 and so on), he or she can head over to the bonus level. In the bonus level, the player must clear all the colored blocks in fifteen seconds to clear the bonus level successfully. If the player clears all the blocks, he or she gets a certain amount of bonus, regardless of the time usage.


Web versions:

  • Collapse!
  • Collapse! Strategy
  • Collapse! II

Download versions:

  • Super Collapse!
  • Super Collapse! II
  • Super Collapse! 3

Extend versions:


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