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My Cold Shower

"My Cold Shower" is the 136th episode of the American sitcom Scrubs. It aired as episode 19 of season 6 on May 3, 2007.


The episode begins where the previous episode left off – Keith proposing to Elliot. She emotionally accepts, which she quickly retracts upon the realization that the ring is too small. They agree to have the ring resized and let Elliot plan the proposal.

Elliot's proposal prompts several members of the hospital staff to begin showing J.D. sympathy, as they believe he still has feelings for Elliot and assume he is sad about her engagement, but he maintains that he is fine. The proposal also causes each of the main characters to have a fantasy about being married to Elliot, and saddens her sorority sister Melody, because Melody is the last single sister. Turk urges J.D. to take advantage of the situation and score. Despite his many attempts, she continually shrugs him off, forcing him to take many a cold shower.

Meanwhile, Carla, who is not emotionally ready for sex with Turk, treats a pair of elderly patients who exhibit the same symptoms, but seem to have no connection to one another. After Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso quickly deduce the patients have syphilis, the patients inspire Carla by explaining sex is revitalizing.

At Keith's official proposal to Elliot, Melody asks why J.D. is so persistent in having sex with her, noting he "doesn't seem like the notch-in-a-bedpost type." As J.D. looks around and sees everyone's relationships – from Cox's "forever" relationship with Jordan to Turk's reignited passion with Carla to the newly engaged Elliot and Keith – he realizes it is because he has once again fallen in love with Elliot. His fantasy about being married to Elliot contrasts significantly with the comedic dreams of the other characters in that they have a normal, truly happy relationship. He finishes the night with another cold shower (this time out of mournful regret rather than sexual frustration) and with his narration (in a parallel to "My Fault"), "it should have been me."

Elliot marriage fantasies

  • The fantasies including Elliot as everyone's wife include:
    • Janitor having a family of six children with her. The three girls are dressed as doctors and the three boys are dressed as janitors. Elliot asks if Janitor thinks that they're "pigeonholing" the children, to which Janitor responds "Who cares? It's not like they're ours."
    • Dr. Cox growing frustrated with how annoyingly neurotic she is and ends up murdering her two days after their marriage. He is consequently arrested and told he is going to "fry." After the fantasy, Cox states that it was "worth it".
    • Turk putting on a stereotypical white highbrow accent, living a stereotypically WASP lifestyle with Elliot and talking to her before she goes to work. After she leaves, he cheats on her with the hot Latina maid 'Lupita' (Carla). After the fantasy, Turk complains that he hasn't had sex in so long that he's fantasizing about his own wife.
    • Dr. Kelso and Elliot dining on opposite ends of a very long table. She says, "I hate you," before Kelso says "I know." After the fantasy, Kelso says, "different wife, same story."
    • Carla relaxing with Elliot, with them planning to have "tender, emotional sex" and then go shoe shopping, at which point they kiss each other. Upon returning to reality, Carla wistfully says "life would be so much simpler..."
    • J.D. and Elliot relaxing on the couch. J.D. saying he is happy Elliot is his wife, and Elliot agreeing, followed by a kiss.
  • On the audio commentary, Sarah Chalke said that the Janitor's fantasy was originally going to be similar to J.D.'s. The Janitor's fantasy was changed so that J.D.'s would be the only serious fantasy out of several comedic ones.

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