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Socio-cognitive or sociocognitive describes integrated cognitive and social properties of systems, processes, functions, models, as well as can indicate the branch of science, engineering or technology, such as socio-cognitive research, socio-cognitive interactions. This term is especially used when complex cognitive and social properties are reciprocally connected and essential for a given problem.

Socio-cognitive research is human factor based, and assumes an integrated knowledge engineering, environment and business modeling perspective, therefore it is not social cognition which rather is a branch of psychology focused on how people process social information.

Socio-cognitive engineering (SCE) includes a set of theoretical frameworks, methodologies, methods and software tools for the design of human centred technologies . On the other hand, the emergent systemic branch of SCE relates to human-based and intelligence-based socio-technological systems/aggregates. It deals with the modeling of human organization vulnerabilities, organization crisis and their interdependences using general engineering and cognitive paradigms .

Both above approaches are applicable for the identification and design of a computer-based semi-/proto-Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS) for the operators and managers of large socially critical systems, for high-risk tasks, such as different types of emergency and disaster management, where human errors and lack of efficacy can be the cause of serious losses.

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